2015 Fantasy Football: I have the last pick in the draft, now what?

Aaron Doster - USA Today Sports
Did you get the last pick in your draft this year? I am picking last in one of my 10 person leagues and I have been doing a number of mock drafts to figure out how I want to approach the draft.

In a smaller league, you are going to get a top 10 QB, so I tend to focus on the major positions rather then taking the #1 or #2 QB in the first round. In the previous drafting article I mentioned that if you aren't going to draft a QB in the first round to focus on taking a running-back with your first selection. With the last pick of the round you will be drafting back to back so you really have to be prepared as you won't have nine other people drafting before your next pick.

2015 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

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Every year I write up my fantasy strategy going into the draft. I learn something every year and this year is no different when it comes to how I will be approaching my drafts this year.

Round 1: I always like to target a top 5 RB in the first round (Jamaal Charles, Le'Veon Bell, Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Eddie Lacy) if those are gone then I would go for Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck. Recently I wrote an article about drafting a top QB in round one.  For 2015 I am going to draft a Top QB in round one, but if you are not on-board with that plan then go with a RB.

2015 Fantasy Football: The One Player to Draft with Your Last Pick in the Draft

Chris Edmonson - USA Today Sports

Every year I do my best to give you one player that will shine with your second to last pick of the draft. The last pick of the draft should be your kicker in my opinion, so the second to last pick is a draft pick to show everyone how fantasy knowledgeable you are for 2015.

2015 Fantasy Football WR Sleepers

Charles LeClaire - USA Today Sports
Here are a number of WR sleepers to consider when drafting in 2015. I know this is short and sweet, but just add them to your watch list when you are drafting. This is just a little hit list for your drafts, so enjoy.

Davante Adams (WR, GB) - Too much upside here and expect a solid season with 800 yards on 5 TDs with more TD upside.

Fantasy Football Drafting a QB in the First or Second Round of Fantasy Draft

Every year I go into the draft I tell myself I need a top three Quarterback to win the league. There have been some years where I won the league where I drafted a top three QB late in the draft when I was able to find a QB who far outdid their draft position (when Peyton Manning went later in drafts) I find that unless your league devalues QB's points that you should target a QB early that will be top three.

2015 Fantasy Football: Do I Really Need to Draft His Handcuff?

Aaron Doster - USA Today Sports

Author: Allan Maule

Unless your fantasy league gives you an abnormally deep bench, you’ve asked yourself this question: Do I HAVE to pick up a B-list running back as an insurance policy? Instead, you could nab that sleeper WR that promises to win you key games. Or grab a top defense before the late draft rush begins. Or draft a rookie who might explode in week 1.

So many possibilities, so few roster spots. Do I really need to draft his handcuff?