Start em' Bench em' Week 5

The starters are geared more towards those tier 3-7 guys that likely split time between the starting lineup.

The bench, are gems you may be unsure of and players you would normally play any week, but this week you will find yourself disappointed come Tuesday morning.

Start em'

Steve Slaton: Indy's D is usually stellar but they rank 31st against the run this year and they have been piling up injuries. This game will likely be high scoring so Slaton is someone you should definitely have in your lineup this week.

Jonathan Stewart: Going up against the 30th ranked run defense in the league so Stewart has huge potential this week. Regardless of whether Williams steals some carries Stewart is their red zone back and will have a big week this week.

Lance Moore: Minnesota boasts the 17th best pass defense and their unwillingness to stop the run and take their chances with their secondary sets up the Brees to Moore combo for one and potentially two scores this week.

Josh Reed: Arizona has allowed many 2nd tier recievers to have nice games (Cotchery 2 TD's last week and Randle El had nice stats the week before). Reed is highly recommended especially in the case where the Bye Week Boogieman has got you scratching your head.

Warrick Dunn: They are playing Denver who has allowed more rush yards per game than any team in the league. I am pretty sure that my grandma could put up 80 yards and a Teeder against them so expect Dunn to have a big game.

Bench em'

Chris Johnson: Between the Ravens bruising Defense and Lendale White this week is not the week to play the young and easily breakable Chris Johnson.

Ronnie Brown: SD run defense ranks 12th and as their offense picks up the Dolphins are less likely to run the ball when they are playing from behind. I would recommend going with someone else because he still plays for the Dolphins who have played 1 good game in 3 years. .

Julius Jones: The Giants Defense is stingy and Seattle cannot pass the ball right now. If they have to play comeback all game then Jones carries will suffer.

Andre Johnson: Johnson has been a bust and it is not his fault. The Texans pass game is not good and Indy's pass defense ranks 2nd in the league. Does nto look like this will be Johnson's breakout week.

Santana Moss: Moss could still be a good play in any league that rewards reception points but the short throws will be his only shot as Philly loves to clamp down on the WR's and force the run.

Author: Jeff Dowell
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  1. If you had the choice between Chad Johnson or Bryant Johnson, who would you choose?

    I also posted this dilemma at

  2. Sorry not to get back to you earlier... B. Johnson would be my choice this week.

    Good luck!