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Well folks it is Monday once again and I am personally stoked about tonight's huge MNF game between the Redskins and the Steelers and I know a lot of you probably have games hinging on some of the big names in tonight's game. Complete with Presidential last ditch efforts on the eve of election day tonight's game should be a dandy (let's go Redskins!). A lot of huge things occurred Sunday that have fantasy owners no doubt scrambling a bit this morning. We should have the newest Waiver Wire Video up later this evening if not first thing tomorrow.

Battered Rams!
It appears that not only is Steven Jackson barely able to make it onto the field but now Antonio Pittman and Travis minor are also injured and that leave young Kenneth Darby as the potential heir apparent to take over the starting job in St. Louis if these injuries prove to be longer than week to week.

Orton hears a Pop
Kyle Orton who has been having a spectacular season this year and as most know all good things come to an end. Orton left Sunday's game and has a high ankle sprain and is expected to miss the teams next 4 weeks and perhaps longer depending on the Bears playoff situation. Fantasy owners need to look at Rex Grossman as a potential fill in.

Earnest "Fumbleiah" Graham
As I was in the midst of cursing my TV screen Sunday when Earnest Graham fumbled for the second time, this one in the red zone of course, I thought it was a little odd for someone who is normally sure handed to have such an off game. It turns out that Graham injured his leg earlier Sunday and the reasoning for him being pulled off the field by Jon Gruden was that more than the fumbles as Gruden felt it was causing him to lose focus, which of course led to the two fumbles. Graham owners should not be too worried just yet as TB has a bye this week so Graham has time to recover.

Daunte " Say it Ain't So" Culpepper
The Lions gave him a workout, signed him and now have stated publicly that he is competing for the starting job in a matter of a week. Gotta make you feel great if you are Dan Orlovsky but with the massive amount of starting QB's going down this week Daunte Culpepper is someone worth taking a chance on. He can't be much worse than some of the guys on your wire and he could turn into the Daunte of old.

Man Down. Matt Schaub looks to miss about a month and perhaps more with a torn MCL. Schaub went down early Sunday and it did not look good from the start. Sage Rosenfells, God help us all, is now in at QB and may be worth snagging off your waiver wire. Let's just hope he can come back from the meltdown heard round the world he managed to orchestrate against Indy a few weeks back.

The Broncos Cannot Run?
Who would have ever thought that a Mike Shanahan Broncos team would have trouble running the football. Not this guy but after yesterday's abysmal performance on the ground it is obvious that long gone are the days when he could plug anyone in there and they became a 1000 yard back. Pittman has re-aggravated his injury, Selvin Young has been ineffective and Ryan Torain's long awaited debut was for a massive 1 yard. Some rookies stood up but look for Torain to get his shot the next week or two in Denver.

Brown and Out?
Derek Anderson is in it appears as the QB in Cleveland for Week 10 but if QB's are thin, which in most leagues they are, then grab Brady Quinn now. Anderson is one more bad game from the pine I have a feeling.

That is all for now. Email me if you have any questions and good luck to everyone who has their weekly outcome hinging on tonight's game.

Author: JD Dowell
Emai: jdncsu350@hattywaiverwireguru.com

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