Hatty's Afternoon Delight

Today is a big day with a key matchup tonight between the Saints and the Bears which has a lot of bearing on games this week I am sure. With players like Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Jeremy Shokey, Matt Forte, Devon Hester, Kyle Orton and the Bears Defense in action it should lead to a good game and some good scores. No major news around the game tonight with players. I think Forte, Thomas and Bush are set to have a big game tonight.

Matt Cassell ALERT
Cassell returned to practice today so as expected he will be fine for this weekend's game. You never know how a QB will react to a tough emotional situation such as the passing of his father but I expect him to go bonkers. 300 + 2 TD's would not be surprising.

Jeff Garcia
If Garcia is your number one guy then you most likely are not in your playoffs still. If you are, then your other position players must be nasty. It looks like Garcia could miss this weeks game but Garcia is a tough as nails type of guy so expect him to play if he can walk onto the field.

Jaguar Down
Fred Taylor's season, and likely his career in Jacksonville, are done. His thumb injury officially landed him on the IR but that is great news for you Maurice Jones Drew owners. MoJD has no one to steal carries and don't be shocked if the Jags offense suddenly takes off.

It looks like there is a good chance Joseph Addai could be out this week against the Lions which means for you owners who were smart enough to keep Dominick Rhodes stashed away or quick on the draw to pick him up recently, you will be rewarded. Get him in your lineups unless you have other studs you don't want to sit because a game against the Lions is enough to be the lineup change that pushes some teams into the finals.

Good luck to everyone tonight. Let us know if you have any last minute lineup advice.

Author: JD Dowell
Email: jdncsu350@hattywaiverwireguru.com

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