Sunday Morning Scramble

Here we go again ladies and gents for what is sure to be one great day of football. Good luck to everyone in their semi-finals matchups as the majority of leagues are fighting to see who makes it to the championship game this week. Some tough matchups give an edge to those 3-6 seeds in my opinion this week so I expect there might be some upsets around the fantasy football world. Some key players are either out or likely to be limited this morning. So let's get down to the real matters at hand.

Probable (90%)
Brian Westbrook
Ryan Grant
Joseph Addai (not starting but is suiting up)
Matt Cassell
Koren Robinson
Jamarcus Russell
Steve Breaston
Jerricho Cotchery
Questionable (50/50)
Marion Barber
Lendale White
Domenik Hixon
Selvin young
Mark Bradley
Ray Rice
Brandon Stokely
Laverneus Coles (should play)
Matt Hasslebeck

Out (Eating Pancakes)
Frank Gore
Brandon Jacobs
Trent Edwards
Kellen Winslow
Daunte Culpepper
Gus Frerotte

That covers all of the injury concerns for this week. A lot of good games this weekend you should sit down and watch without your stat tracker running. Steelers and Ravens as well as the Giants and Cowboys should be great games.

Good luck to everyone this week and I hope to hear from everyone that they made the finals!

Author: JD Dowell

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