5 RB Super Deep Sleepers

In this edition of super deep sleepers we will cover RB’s that you can snag in the last rounds of your draft that could have a nice upside in 2010. I love finding that last round pick in the draft that turns out to be productive for a bye week or injury fill in and the potential for a breakout.
Kevin Faulk – old man river is going to be a great pick-up in PPR leagues as he plays on the majority of passing downs.   This should yield 50 receptions and 400 yards from passes and an additional 400 yards on the ground with about 5 TD’s which makes him a solid bye week filler.   He is a safe pick for 2010 and he is a nice back to have on you bench for emergency situations.
Mewelde Moore – with Willie Parker out this moves Moore into a back-up role to Rashard Mendenhall.  Mendenhall should be the goal-line back, but Moore will be in on passing downs and he is a great receiver, so PPR leagues should mark Moore as a last round pick-up in a similar situation as Kevin Faulk.   Call me crazy, but I am looking for 2008 numbers of 900 combined yards and 5 TDs.
James Davis – Davis is the least safe pick on this list as we have no idea what he is capable of during a regular season game.   There is no doubt that he is physically capable of producing solid numbers, but should only be drafted at this point to sit your bench and be in a wait and see type situation.   Davis has the upside, but could also be a total flop for 2010.   He can easily be had in your last round and should be sitting on your waiver wire for most of 2010. Why did I write about him, because he needs to be on your radar and you need to keep an eye on his situation.
Mike Bell – Bell is going to be a goal line vulture in Philly.   I think he will be a poor man’s LT (another goal line vulture for 2010) with just as much upside for TD leagues.   You can feel good about drafting Bell late in your draft and look to see 8 TD’s with upside.
Albert Young – Who?   Yes, he plays for the Minnesota Vikings and it appears the coaching staff is going to give him a chance in 2010.   Chestor Taylor is in Chicago and AP is not going to take 100% of the carries.   Young has the talent and now the opportunity to play.  Pick up Young in the last round of your draft and let’s see what happens in 2010.
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