5 WR Super Deep Sleepers

One of my most favorite things to look for are super deep sleepers to draft in the last rounds.  I will say my best last round pick was Willie Parker a couple years ago.  Here are some late rounders I am strongly considering:
Julian Edelman – Wes Welker will not be back for the first half of 2010 and Edelman will play in slot where he is bound to see a number of catches from the pass happy Patriots.  Edelman will stay on the field even if another big name is brought on the opposite side of Randy Moss.  Edelman is a lock until Welker gets back; keep an eye on him for your draft.
Dwayne Jarrett - The ex-USC WR is in his make it our break it year; I don’t see the Panthers adding to their WR core a WR who will take Jarrett away from playing second fiddle to Steve Smith.  Matt Moore is certainly better than Jake Delhomme, but the Panthers are a run first offense so don’t think Jarrett is going to get beasty.  I do think Jarrett can have Muhsin Muhammad year and haul in 750 yards and 3 – 5 TD’s if he can stay on the field.  Jarrett is a bye week fill in at best with upside, but he will warm your bench until he can prove he is even worthy, but can be had in the last round of your draft.
Chaz Schilens – One of the most unlikely receivers on this list to be available in the last rounds of the draft.  His shear size and speed make him a great target from whatever QB will be piloting the Raiders.  If he stays healthy you are looking at a guy who will put up 650 – 1000 yards and 5 – 8 TD’s in 2010 which makes him a bye week and injury filler.
Eddie Royal – the bust of 2009 will return to a Bronco’s team without a Brandon Marshall.  If you are in a league that rewards punt returners I think Royal will be consistent in 2010 and worth a stash on your bench as well as a late round pick.  If he can return to his former status, which is more likely without Marshall then you have a great late round super deep sleeper.
Laurent Robinson – the obvious issue with this pick is who is going to be the QB throwing his way?  My guess would be Sam Bradford and I think he will enjoy Robinson as his #1 target in 2010.  If Robinson can stay healthy in 2010 he should produce solid 70 yard, 5 catch, 0.25 TD a week performances which can be a solid bye week or injury fill in for the year.  I am marking Robinson down as one of my 2010 later round steals.
That’s all folks for the WR Super Deep Sleeper list, but stay tuned for further off-season recommendations.
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