2011 Fantasy Football Deep Sleepers Week 16

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Every week I do a bit of extra digging to find deep sleepers to fill in holes in my line-up.  Last week Donald Driver helped me out filling in for Greg Jennings with a TD pass and Kahlil Bell filled a RB gap as well.  It's deep sleepers like this that separate the good and great teams.

Kahlil Bell (RB, CHI) Kahlil Bell tore it up last week like I said he would and I don't doubt that we are in for round two.  McCown who will be piloting the Bears will dump off all day to Bell and I expect him to be a PPR monster this week.  There is always a bust factor here if Bears go back to Barber, which they may, so keep that in mind if you decide to start Bell this week.

Sammy Morris (RB, DAL) Felix Jones is officially "making me nervous" and I could see Jones missing this week.  If that is the case then Morris is the feature back in  Dallas and can be counted on to fill any holes in your line-up for Week 16.

Randall Cobb (WR, GB) Randall Cobb is getting his opportunity to show what he can do with Greg Jennings out.  I believe we will see a solid performance from Cobb this week.  Keep in mind Driver and Nelson will be Rodgers top targets but there will be enough leftovers for Cobb to make a solid dent this week.

Jabaar Gaffney (WR, WAS) Mr. Gaffney will perform yet again this week and I fully expect him to be a solid PPR league start with TD upside.

Brent Celek (TE, PHI) Did I not tell you about Celek last week?  Can lighting strike twice in a row?  Well he won't do as well as he did last week but I am expecting 4 catches for 50 yards and TD upside.

TJ Yates (QB, HOU) Yates draws the Colts this week and I wouldn't doubt that he puts up 200 yards and two TDs along with an interception or two of course.

Rex Grossman (QB, WAS) Rex Grossman is a boom or bust pick this week, but has a nice match-up and should be good for 200 yards and two TD's with interceptions too.

Lance Ball (RB, DEN) If McGahee happens to miss the game this week then Ball will put up very solid numbers.  I wouldn't start him if McGahee plays, but Ball is a stashable player that you should look towards if McGahee is out.

Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR, OAK) I will have you know that Oakland WR's drive me nuts.  DHB could put up awesome numbers or he could totally wipe out.  A healthy DHB should be a reliable fantasy starter if your WRs aren't performing.

OK, that should be enough players to fill gaps in your line-up and help you bring home a championship.

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