2012 Fantasy Football Rankings Week 16

Week 16 is a must win to stay in the playoffs or win the championship. Good luck!

Quarterback Rankings

Running-Back Rankings

Wide-Receiver Rankings

Tight-End Rankings

Kicker Rankings

Defensive Team Rankings

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  1. I've been looking thru various rankings, and my instinct is to play Amendola over Nicks and Ridley over BJGE. However, I know you have the opposite opinion for both. Can you share your analysis for this? I value your input and would just like to know your rationale so I can put my best foot forward for championship week... Thanks!

    1. P.S. This is for a standard league

    2. Amendola has more upside than Nicks this week for sure... if you are slated to lose you could gamble on Amendola. BJGE gets Pit while Ridley gets Jax, so Ridley has the edge here. If Pats get up early you can expect Ridley to get a bunch of garbage time yards. BJGE has been pretty consistent so he is actually the safer play.

      Safe play: BJGE and Nicks
      Upside: Ridley and Amendola

      Play the matchup.

  2. thanks for Football Rankings Week 16,