2013 Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 10 WRs

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Rankings: Top 10 WRs
By Mora Best
Last week, Maukuss Time prevailed its’ early top 10 Quarterback (QB) rankings. Following up this week, we have decided to compile an early top 10 Wide Receiver (WR) list. The NFL is increasingly more so becoming a pass oriented league. Additionally with all of my leagues being Points per Reception (PPR) leagues, the importance of having good fantasy WRs remain great. We dig into it below:

  1. My Ranking: Calvin Johnson
This is a no-brainer. If you are looking for a WR in the early first round, Megatron will be your guy. He lead the league in receptions (122), targets (204), yards (1, 964), and yards per game (122.8).
  1. My Ranking: A.J. Green
Sky is the limit when talking about the kid from Georgia. He placed top 10 in receptions (97), targets (164), yards (1, 350), yards per game (84.4) and TDs (11). I didn’t believe he had top 3 fantasy WR ability initially last year, but behind Calvin Johnson no one possesses more potential and opportunity.
  1. My Ranking: Brandon Marshall
Brandon Marshall continues to re-invent himself with every new location he arrives at. He’s like my iPhone’s GPS system; no matter where you go, the thing just seems to work. He finished with over 1, 500 yards (1508) & 10 Touchdowns (11); third in the NFL in targets (192) and second in receptions (118) behind none other than Megatron. Pick Marshall with confidence…
  1. My Ranking: Roddy White
You’re damn right! Every year, I reach on Roddy to the astonishment of the rest of whatever league I’m playing in. Everyone says it is fantasy blasphemy to draft Roddy over his partner Julio Jones. However EVERY YEAR, Roddy supersedes him in totals for fantasy points. Thus I’m sticking to my guns until the barrel goes unloaded… Roddy averages approximately 1, 300 yards and 8 TD’s in the past 6 years. 32 years old or not, I’m buying until they switch roles… which I admit may be this year.
  1. My Ranking: Julio Jones
Prime to take over as Atlanta’s number one WR option, Julio is highly regarded in the fantasy football community. He finished with approximately 1, 200 yards and 10 TD’s last year, getting increasingly hot as the year wore on. As a Niner fan, the 200 yard, 2 TD playoff game stands out as a representative of this kid’s mass potential. Roddy’s getting old, Tony G is ALREADY old, same for Steve-Jax and thus it’s Jones time to shine.
  1. My Ranking: Andre Johnson
I had Andre Johnson on a few of my fantasy teams last year and at times he reminded you of the old Johnson that lead the WR field in fantasy points. At other times though, you merely hoped that he stayed healthy and on the field as he continued to battle through injuries despite playing 16 games last year. He remains a high risk, high reward option with great injury risk.
  1. My Ranking: Demaryius Thomas
The more I watched this kid play last year, the more I wanted to trade manager #TeamNoLacking for him. I’m sure he would have an essay to say about him as they have an official #Bromance formed, but I am not far away myself. Even when Tebow was the Bronco’s QB, this guy FOUND a way to score fantasy points. So with Peyton Manning, we are pretty assured his approximately 1, 400 yards and 10 TD’s are consistent year to year. However Wes Welker and Eric Decker do post threats for his targets so beware…
  1. My Ranking: Dez Bryant
Many fantasy football analysts drool over Dez Bryant; I’m less enamored with his overall persona. However Dallas Cowboy security squad included or not, Dez is a star. Finishing with around 1, 400 yards and 12 TDs, he’s another guy who heated up as the year went on. Week 16 against New Orleans, he compiled 224 yards over 9 receptions with 2 TDs on the side. Yes, he is capable of this type of ridiculous stat line. However until it becomes more consistent, I would rather Demaryius Thomas who may I say has the insurance of a Peyton Manning arm.
  1. My Ranking: Victor Cruz
With over 2, 500 yards the last two seasons and 19 TD’s, Victor Cruz has been become a staple of Eli Manning’s New York Giants offense. Last year I chose Hakeem Nicks over him and an injury plagued season later, I regretted it. This year be sure not to make the same mistake as me… Not only can Victor Cruz stay healthy, but his salsa moves are ON POINT!!!
  1. My Ranking: Vincent Jackson
I drafted Vincent Jackson last year relatively late compared to the value he ended up providing for me. He and Mike Williams complement each other perfectly as Josh Freeman continues to go vastly underrated in most football circles. Not going to lie, towards the end of last year Jackson went without too many TDs which resulted in my benching him. However with an overall stat line of around 1, 400 yards and 8 TDs, I will draft him again if afforded the opportunity.

Honorable Mention: Reggie Wayne
106 receptions, 195 targets and 5 TDs... What more needs to be said about the old guy? He finds a way to not only stay fantasy relevant with rookie quarterback Andrew Luck, but he also improved upon his numbers from the Peyton Manning era. I felt some kind of way about leaving him off of this list so it was a must that he receive honorable mention. Not the best science project, but the bubbles still look pretty…

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