2013 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings

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The countdown to drafting has begun for fantasy football and some of us hardcore fantasy football owners have already had some of our drafts.

One key aspect to keep in mind is where the rookie class rankings among the other NFL players.  Another aspect is to see how the rookie compare to each other.

Here are my top seven (not sure why seven, but it works) rookies.

1. Montee Ball (RB, DEN) - Montee Ball has a huge opportunity to shine in 2013.  Willis McGahee did a fine job for Denver last year, but there is a changing of the guard in Denver at RB and Montee Ball is the beneficiary of new position.

2. Eddie Lacy (RB, GB) - Eddie Lacy has a major concern around his toe issue, and the fact that Johnathan Franklin is right behind him in the order.  Eddie Lacy is on a powerhouse offense in Green Bay and he has the opportunity to take the lead role this year.  Eddie Lacy is not this high on most lists but I have him ranked  #2 due to his upside.

3. Giovanni Bernard (RB, CIN) - Giovanni Bernard brings a ton of dynasty value to the table.  He will play behind Green-Ellis and he will not overtake Green-Ellis this year, but Bernard should take a third of the snaps overall in 2013 and two thirds of the snaps in 2014.  It's hard to argue in a dynasty league draft that Bernard should not be #1 overall on the rookie list.

4. Tavon Austin (WR, StL) - Tavon Austin is the most talented WR from the 2013 draft and landed on a team that can use him immediately.  Due to Austin's upside he is the best rookie WR available in the 2013 draft.

5. DeAndre Hopkins (WR, HOU) - DeAndre Hopkins will play opposite Andre Johnson; Matt Schaub will look Hopkins way frequently this year and it wouldn't surprise me to see 700+ yards and 3 TD's in his rookie outing.

6. Le'Veon Bell (RB, PIT) - seriously who else is going to run in PIT?  Le'Veon Bell has every opportunity to make an instant impact in 2013.  He will be a top 50 RB in 2013 with the potential to end up in the top 25 if he can stay healthy.

7. Cordarrelle Patterson (WR, MIN) - Patterson is built to be a WR and playing opposite Greg Jennings in 2013.  The major issue with Patterson is Christian Ponder and there are many solid receiving targets in Minnesota.  Patterson's long term potential is awesome and he would be a solid addition to any dynasty team.

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