2013 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy No Backup Tight-End or Quarterback

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Tired of the same old draft strategy and want to try something a bit new for 2013?  Well I have something a bit radical for you to consider.  In my latest drafts I have not been drafting a backup quarterback or tight-end.

In a typical 12 person league, if everyone drafted a backup quarterback that would mean the bottom 12 quarterbacks would be available on the waiver wire.  If you don't draft a quarterback that would mean the bottom 13 are available.  Players like Josh Freeman, Brandon Weedon, Ryan Tannehill and a few others would be there on the waiver wire for your bye week.

I understand when that bye week comes or if there is an injury to your starting quarterback you are putting yourself in a tough spot, but consider the alternative.  Typically backup quarterbacks start to be drafted in round nine through the end.  This would mean you would have running-backs and wide-receivers to stash on your bench to see if they emerge.

Players like Josh Gordon, Michael Floyd, Chris Givens, Lance Moore, and many more would be available to you.  If a player like Josh Gordon comes back after his suspension and performs extremely well you have a solid backup, bye-week filler, or better yet trade bait.  Also if there is an injury to a starter, like your quarterback, you can use the trade bait to help you recover.

Here is where you start to really crush the competition.  You bundle a Josh Gordon and DeSean Jackson (for example) and upgrade to a Vincent Jackson or Larry Fitzgerald.  If you are able to bundle two players for one you are increasing your overall strength.

The other position I am not backing up is tight-end.  Same scenario, where the bottom 13 tight-ends are available, you have players like Jordan Cameron, Brent Celek, Marcedes Lewis and a number of others for a one week bye.

For 2013 consider rounding out your bench with an extra wide-receiver or running-back.  You will thank me later.

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