Top Back-up QB's to Consider for 2014

As many of you know finding a back-up QB is not a very sexy pick and most of you won't hear your friends saying "awesome pick," after you select a back-up QB.  Keep in mind that you need to be ready for the bye-week or if the worst happens an injury.  A long term injury to your QB mid-season is rare, but if it happens it can flip your season on its head.

Let's assume you are in a 12 person league and all top 12 QB's are gone when it's your turn to select a QB. Here are the top backup QB's in order for your consideration.

Andy Dalton (QB, CIN) - Andy Dalton has the potential to put up over 4,000 yards and 30+ TDs in 2014.  With a core of RB's that have solid hands and WR's like AJ Green you should expect him to perform solidly.  He is the best back-up QB to target on this list.

Philip Rivers (QB, SD) - Rivers threw for over 4,000 yards last year and there is no reason to believe he shouldn't repeat that performance in 2014.  Rivers is a safer QB to select as a back-up and if your lead QB is injured then Rivers should be able to carry you the rest of the season.

Tony Romo (QB, DAL) - Tony Romo's biggest concern is potential injury, but his upside potential is huge this year due to the Dallas' defense already being banged up.  Dallas defense will give up a ton of points this year and Romo will be forced to throw the ball.  He has solid targets in Witten, Bryant and Williams so putting up solid numbers should be achievable in 2014.

Jay Cutler (QB, CHI) - Cutler pulled a huge contract this offseason and the Bears are fully committed to their starting QB.  His WR core is insane and Cutler will throw a solid number of TD's, but he is known for throwing a ton of interceptions as well so be warned that he has a bit of downside as well which you can confirm on William Hill bet online.

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Ben Roethlisberger (QB, PIT) - Big Ben seems to be forgotten about every year at draft time and remains available as an easy back-up QB selection.  Ben has the potential to put up 4,000 yards and nearly 30 TDs in 2014.  If you need reassurance then check is previous years stats and his Super Bowl rings.

Carson Palmer (QB, ARZ) - Palmer is the biggest sleeper on this list, but he has very little danger of losing his starting QB role in 2014.  He threw over 4,000 yards in his last two seasons and around 25 TD's in those last two seasons as well.  Don't be shocked if he throws over 4,000 yards and nearly 30 TD's in 2014.  If all the other QB's on this list are drafted then take confidence in Palmer as nobody else will draft him.

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