How NFL Offseason Moves Will Affect Fantasy Football

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How NFL Offseason Moves Will Affect Fantasy Football

Author: Will McMillan

The NFL Free Agency period is currently ongoing, and many of the game's top stars have switched teams. For Fantasy Football fans, their primary concern is whether these players helped or hurt their value during the Fantasy Football season.

 Brandin Cooks to the New England Patriots

Cooks is one of the fastest players in the NFL, and his arrival in New England will provide a new look for quarterback Tom Brady and that Patriots offense that has primarily relied on the short passing game. Cooks will likely have a strong season, but is a sure bet to regress for a few reasons. Besides the fact that Cooks will be playing in an entirely new system, he will be leaving the New Orleans Superdome, which no doubt aided his tremendous deep speed. Cooks has yet to play in the cold temperatures that are in New England, which means that there will be an adjustment period that could impact his play. Cooks will also have to compete with a lot of different players for catches; including Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, Dwayne Allen, and Julian Edelman, among others.

DeSean Jackson to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Even as Jackson enters his 30s, he remains one of the top deep threats in the NFL. Jackson heads to Tampa Bay as the ideal complementary receiver opposite Mike Evans, and when you combine that with another year of growth from quarterback Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay should have one of the best offenses in the NFL next season. Of course, many fantasy football fans are concerned about Jackson's durability, as he has missed multiple games over the past few seasons. Jackson should get his fair share of catches, however his touchdowns will likely decrease, as Evans will be the primary target throughout the season.

Latavius Murray to the Minnesota Vikings

Murray seemed to be heading for stardom after the 2014 season, but the last two years have left fans curious about how Murray's career will end up going. Murray will be counted on the replace some of the production left behind from Adrian Peterson's departure. Murray will complement the agile Jerick McKinnon in the Vikings’ backfield. Murray's role will be to supply the short yardage power threat, and much of the success he has this season will depend on the Vikings' offensive line improving. Murray is worth a look on your fantasy team as a second running back.

Terrelle Pryor to the Washington Redskins

Terrelle Pryor used the nice season he had for the Cleveland Browns to land a better opportunity with the Washington Redskins. Pryor will be tasked with replacing the production that left when DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon departed this off-season. Pryor will receive an upgrade at QB, as he will now be catching passes from Kirk Cousins, a Pro Bowl talent. Pryor should have a nice season, as there are pieces around him such as Jordan Reed and Jamison Crowder that should take pressure off and allow him to make plays.

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