Hatty's Afternoon Delight

It is time for our daily installment of Hatty's Afternoon Delight and there are some twists and turns out there today so pay attention. I will be short and sweet today but this is all news worth bringing up:

He's Baaaaccckkkk!
Joseph Addai looks to be returning to the lineup this week and not a moment too soon with the Colts on the verge of disappearing after their Monday night loss to the Titans. Not sure how much benefit Addai can really be as the Colts just look incapable of running the ball.

Bossman Speaketh!
Jerry Jones made it public that he is backing Brad Johnson to be the teams starter over Brooks Bollinger. I am sure most of you like myself never expected for Bollinger to really get the nod but this is all I need to know there is no chance.

Rookie Woes
Darren McFadden looks to be hurting once again with his turf toe injury now kept company by the new boot on his other foot. McFadden was one of those rookies everyone was big on, including me, only to not be able to really do much outside of a nice Week 2 performance. McFadden would only be worth owning at this point in a dynasty league.

Santana Moss
Moss appears though he will play despite mixed signals between Vinny Cerato and Jim Zorn is looks like Moss will be in the lineup for prime time. Is it me or are there two more dominating recievers in football this year than Steve Smith and Santana Moss?

Denver's Running Game
It appears that Michael Pittman has some broken ribs and with Selving Young and Andre Hall already hobbling it is setting up nicely for rookie Ryan Torain to return this week and potentially be a steal. For dynasty league, and in my opinion any league, you need to scoop up Torain now as Shanahan and Cutler love him and he has been compared to Terrell Davis. He could be a big second half player and a playoff changer!

That is all for today. Please email me with any suggestions, thoughts, lineups, trades, waiver wire or overall advice you need. We keep racking up the wins so let us help you make the playoffs and win your league!

Author: JD Dowell
Email: jdncsu350@hattywaiverwireguru.com

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