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When starting a league, there are so many things to consider when making decisions. You set rules, positions, and point allocations and you don’t know what everybody wants. However, as time goes on, you will probably want to change some things and use the new functionality of a good fantasy website.


How and when do I make changes to setting of my fantasy website?


  1. Changes - ALWAYS make changes before or after a season starts. Never change something midway through the season because it may give some an advantage or disadvantage that they wouldn’t otherwise have.
  2. Polls – ESPN.com allows you to create polls on your front page. However, if you’re not using espn.com, you can send out emails (Remember – emails from your personal email are better than those sent through the site). Make sure you include your vote – it matters. Your one of the teams playing.
  3. Time – Give people a week or so to answer or give their opinion. If some don’t answer, don’t answer for them, reduce your sample. Some will really not care, so make changes based off of those that do care. For example, if 8 out of 12 vote, go with the best out of 8.
  4. Decide – Once you close the pole, make a decision. Don’t stand on the fence. If it’s a tie, you’re the commissioner, do what you think everyone will enjoy most.
  5. Communication – Make sure that everyone knows what will be changing and when it will be changed. You can’t make everyone perfectly happy, but everyone SHOULD respect a reasonable explanation of a change.

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