Player Spotlight: Josh Morgan

Josh Morgan/ WR/ San Francisco

Josh Morgan is someone to look for in any league. Morgan has dropped off of almost everyone’s radar after going down with an apparent staff infection in the preseason. Since then he has been slow to recover but is back and looking like the rookie wideout who had 9 catches and 182 yards with a Teeder in his first two games. Last week he showed what he had the ability to do with 5 catches for 82 yards and a touchdown all while their offense looking dead.

Breaking News before the start of the game is that Nolan is out as Head Coach in San Francisco and Mike Singletary will be stepping in. The Rams proved how valuable a change of attitude can be when they fired their coach a few weeks back and the Rams just upset the Redskins and the Cowboys in back to back week. Either way Morgan has great rapport with JTO and becomes a primary threat.

In many leagues Wide Receivers have become very valuable with so many teams going to a RB by committee approach meaning having a solid WR can win you games. Morgan has the potential to have a breakout 2nd half.

Author: JD Dowell
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  1. Who's the better pickup, Morgan or Donnie Avery on the Rams?

  2. I am a Josh Morgan fan and would pick him up... I think others would say Donnie Avery because he is a clear starter opposite Holt. The good news is you can't make a bad decision!


  3. magnum,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Morgan has potential to be a break out player in the 2nd half and Avery looks to be the Rams need deep threat.

    You cannot go wrong with either but I would go with Morgan.