Week 8 Top 15 Tight Ends

With fantasy owners scrambling to find replacements due to injury, bye week or a draft day duds you can’t wait on any longer, where can points be made up? Normally you wouldn't think Tight Ends but here is a list of the Top 15 TE's that can make a difference for you on Sunday"

1) Jason Witten: With Romo out this week and the Cowboys in stunned mode expect them to rely on the run and a safe passing game which means that Witten will be the number 1 target for Brad Johnson. Mix in the fact that tampa bay’s pass defense is just mediocre and you can expect Witten to have big numbers.
2) Chris Cooley: Owners have been waiting on Cooley to have a real breakout game and this week. Cooley leads the team in receptions and accounts for about 255 of the Skins offense and with them matching up against the Lions expect a nice week from Cooley.
3) Billy Miller: The Saints rarely have back to back weeks with a bad offensive performance. Shockey did not make the trip to London and the leagues number one passing offense (Saints) matches up against the leagues worst pass defense (Chargers). Miller has been a target all year by Brees so expect a TD this week.
4) Antonio Gates: Gates leads all TE’s in Teeders this year and the Saints pass defense is not that good. Expect Gates to find the end zone in London once and more likely multiple times as he continues to be Rivers #1 target.
5) Owen Daniels: We called him last week in our start em and sit em and he is once again a good play despite going against a better than average Bengals secondary who ranks 6th in the league against the pass. Houston has proven to be one of the two primary targets in the red zone behind Andre Johnson who is sure to be double teamed.
6) Tony Gonzalez: Yes that same Tony G. who has been a disappointment so far this year. Against a weak Jet’s secondary and the worst QB situation north of Miami the Chiefs have few options in a game in which they will likely be playing from behind. No better chance for Tony to get the ball.
7) Bo Scaife: Scaife has become a reliable option in Tennessee and a main target in the red zone for Collins. With a big game on Monday night expect Scaife to have a breakout game with Indy sure to focus on stopping the White/C. Johnson running game.
8) Vernon Davis: With SF having new leadership at the helm and Seattle not being able to guard anyone past the line of scrimmage Davis has some ability to really have nice game and reward owners who have been waiting on him to breakout.
9) Heath Miller: Always solid and a target for Big Ben Miller is one of the most reliable threats in the red zone. With RB being a little shaky and the giants secondary focusing around Ward and Holmes expect Ben to look Miller’s way many times especially in the Red Zone.
10) David Martin: Martin has been a quiet TE but one stat stands out to me. He has 5 plays of 20+ yards which is just behind only that of Jason Witten who has 8. With Miami running the Wildcat you never know who is going to get the ball but Martin has proven to be a reliable target.
11) Dallas Clark: Indy is too inconsistent and with so much talent it makes it tough to rank Clark much higher despite being one of the most talented TE’s in all of football. Going against the 5th ranked pass defense in Tennessee actually fares well for Clark owners as they are likely to focus on Rhodes, Harrison and Wayne leaving Clark as Peyton’s open man.
12) Mercedes Lewis: Cleveland is struggling and Jacksonville offense is starting to click. Lewis has consistently been featured more by Garrard especially in the red zone.
13) LJ Smith: He is hard to ignore and with the WR situation in Philly being up and down Smith becomes one of McNabb’s most reliable targets. Atlanta has not been able to defend against the pass so expect Smith to get a few catches on Sunday.
14) Dante Rosario: Rosario continues to improve and can make catches in the clutch. As teams continue to attempt to stop Steve Smith and pounding run game of Carolina expect Fox and company to throw more wrinkles in to release Rosario from the blocking scheme making for some nice gains for fantasy owners
15) Leonard Pope: Carolina hosts the leagues 2nd best pass defense but in a lineup with Fitzgerald, Boldin and Breaston expect Pope to be the one who benefits from a strong secondary as the only open option.

Authors: JD Dowell and Luke Anderson
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