Commissioner's Preperation for Next Year (Part II)

This continuation will help you understand ways to solicit ideas from your league as well as some information that you may want to consider getting out ot your league in these latter stages of the season.

You should consider creating a message board topic that solicits ideas from your owners, Creating polls on your website, or sending each owner a personalized email soliciting ideas. Take the responses that you get from the owners now as well as those that you have received or observed throughout the year and compile them into emails to the league. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions from you league on how to address issues. Letting them suggest the solutions will make them feel more involved in the league and create better owner retention. Remember that you are not going to be able to accommodate every owner’s wish.

If all is well with your league or you are already addressing your owners concerns, the next topic you need to address is your off-season timeline. It may seem a little early, but laying it out now will avoid confusion later. If your league is a dynasty league this is an easy email, you merely solicit prospective dates for your upcoming draft. Keeper leagues have a little more to deal with.

Keeper league timelines involve trimming your roster down from it’s in-season level. While these cut dates are typically not until later on in the year, keep the following things in mind. Don’t look to snap your league down to keeper level in one cut. Your owners will appreciate the flexibility an NFL type gradual reduction to the roster size gives them. Spreading these dates out over the summer or the year keeps your owners involved during the off-season and makes the early part of the year more active. Make sure you communicate the dates for each cut well in advance.

Remember that your roster cuts are probably going to be taking place during a time frame that a lot of your owners will be taking vacations and trips.

Because your owners may not be at home when making the roster cuts are made, provide them with multiple options of how to submit their cut list. Allow them to submit conditional cut lists, “I have a trade out for Player A, if I that trade clears in time cut Player B, if not cut Player C”. Let the league have your cell phone number and submit their cuts via text message. I would hazard against taking cuts over the phone by voice, as it does not create a paper trail, if a dispute arises.

Author: Derek Braun

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