Hatty's Afternoon Delight

Well tonight is a great night for those of us who have Direct TV or some other format for accessing the NFL Network as they begin their Thursday Night coverage. One of these days we may be able to get it setup to where there is a game every night of the week. Of course that could lead to drastic divorce rates throughout the country so maybe that is not the greatest of ideas.

I hope everyone has their lineups set. A lot of key players going tonight including the much anticipated first start for Ryan Torain, Keith Hillis, Jay Cutler, Brady Quinn, Braylon Edwards and Jamal Lewis being just a few of the big names no doubt impacting Week 10 performances. Here we go with the Afternoon Delight:

Speaking of Torain
Torain is expected to carry the bulk of the workload with Selving Young still not fully recovered from injury. Young will play but most likely on 3rd downs only and maybe not even that much should Torain and Week 9 Keith Hillis prove to carry the load.

Jonathan Stewart of the Carolina Panthers availability may be in question for Week 10 as he missed practice and was seen with a boot on. Boots are never a good sign and according to the report he has been fighting this injury for a few weeks. Could be another case of the dreaded turf toe but stayed tuned later in the week to find out. If he can't go, this would be great news for Deangelo Williams owners as they are playing the lowly Raiders who haven't got a clue this year.

No real updates here other than Steven Jackson still not being at practice. Jackson may have single handidly been this years biggest Draft Day disappointment. Jackson has posted 1 strong week this year from what I recall and everything else has been mediocre. Most owners have likely moved on and have him waiting at the bottom of the bench. Unfortunately you can't drop Jackson but what a waste so far this year.

Orton not that serious
It appears that Kyle Orton's ankle injury is not as serious as originally expected which is great news for owners who held on to him. As of now he is targeting a Week 11 return but you never know when that can be derailed. Still, go ahead get Orton back on your bench before he becomes everyone's new favorite quarterback next Tuesday if you are struggling at QB.

That is all for today. Good luck to everyone who has players in tonight's game. I am personally pulling for Ryan Torain to have a breakout performance tonight!

Author: JD Dowell
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