Hatty's Afternoon Delight

We are back with another edition of the Hatty's Afternoon Delight. I apologize for the lack of updates but most everyone knows what happens between Sunday and Tuesday so I thought today would give me a good chance to recap the big stories from last week in addition to laying out the inside scoop for Week 12.

I hope everyone enjoyed a successful weekend and are either locked in or looking good for the playoffs at the least. If you are not, email either myself or Hatty and we will help you turn it around. A lot of news to touch on so let's get down to business:

Bucs Running Game
For those who watched the Waiver Wire Video you should know that Earnest Graham is done for the season. Warrick Dunn just because incredibly valuable so for those of you who held on to him over the past few weeks while he worked out his neck injury then you shall now reap your reward. Dunn is a great looking back for Week 12 with Detroit on the schedule. It is worth scooping up Clifton Smith and Noah Herron if you have the room as Dunn is injury prone and Cadillac looks to be inactive this week.

Brandon Jacobs
For anyone who doubted this guys beastliness then have fun eating those words. Jacobs is a monster but apparently there are a few slight injury concerns this week. Originally it was released that he may not play. He is supposed to practice on Thursday and keep reading as I will surely provide updates if something changes but it looks like he should be good to go for this week.

Brian Westbrook
Westbrook cannot seem to break the injury bug this year and is not looking great to play this weekend. His match up is not ideal as it is but with injury issues I would recommend looking for other options to plug in for Westbrook as there is a good chance he may miss this week.

The Browns to the Super Bowl!
Well maybe that is a bit over the top but the Browns have looked good on offense the last two weeks once Brady Quinn was inserted into the starting job. Kellen Winslow has finally provided some value but he will be questionable this week with a sprained shoulder.

Heath Miller
Miller returned to practice this week and is expected to play this week. Miller could be a risky option coming off of a hurt ankle but he is always a red zone threat.

Cowboys WR's
With Romo back in the lineup Sunday Night I am sure most fantasy owners were expecting something amazing to happen. It didn't but the Cowboys finally committed to the most solid aspect of their offense, Marion Barber. If Dallas continues to establish the run the that says great things for the Dallas WR's. With Miles Austin being out for at least two weeks look for TO, Williams and Crayton to all have opportunities for big plays as Barber's ability for running and catching balls out of the backfield will force defenses to put 8 in the box.

The Saints
Duece is facing suspension, Bush is still not back from injury and now Aaron Stecker is done. Enter Pierre Thomas as a viable 3rd option at RB until Reggie Bush gets back. Pierre had a nice game this past week so if Bush is out then Thomas will be a great play in Week 12.

That is all for today but be sure to email me if you have any specific players you are looking for updates on. Also, we are in the playoff push here at Hatty Waiver Wire Guru and want to make sure that all of our subscribers and readers not only get in, but win their leagues so email us for any type of help you might need. Most trade deadlines are passed so the waiver wire has to be your friend heading into the playoffs and we will do our best to bring you the best recommendations to help you win.

Author: JD Dowell
Email: jdncsu350@hattywaiverwireguru.com

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