Player Spotlight: Matt Forte

Forte burst into the NFL in the second round of the 2008 Rookie draft. When he was drafted it was as the heir apparent to the draft bust Cedric Benson, but due to Benson’s behavioral issues Forte found himself firmly planted in the starting role, and has never looked back.

Forte went virtually un-noticed on most fantasy draft boards due to the questions about Kyle Orton’s abilities at quarterback. Forte came out with a vengeance in week one as his dual threat possibility emerged. His value has continued to increase as he as developed consistency to go with his big numbers, especially in point by reception leagues.

Forte has emerged as a top 5 back in point by reception leagues, 19.4 points per week, but is one of only 3 in the top 5 in average points to have played every game. Even in yardage only leagues, Forte is ranked 8th, 13.7 points per week, one of only 6 players in the top 10 to have played in every game this year.

The lone question mark is how will Forte hold up as the season wears on? At Tulane he played 12 games last season in 12 weeks. So this question may not be answered until week 14, when he plays his 13th game this year. Don’t be too concerned about the rookie wall with Forte, though. His running style and his use out of the backfield as a receiver allows him to not take the big hit that wears down younger backs. The mix of that and use of Kevin Jones and Garrett Wolfe to spell Forte, Forte has only 80% of the carries for the Bears, bodes well for Forte owners down the stretch.

Forte has a favorable schedule the rest of the way. His only challenge is in week 13 against the stingy Vikings run defense. The remainder of his schedule is the 28th ranked Packers and the 30th Ranked Rams. His fantasy playoff schedule is also very favorable as he faces off against the 20th ranked Jaguars, 18th ranked Saints and again playing the 28th ranked Packers. These match-ups make Forte a must start the rest of the way.

Author: Derrick Staley

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  1. we were pissed off and actually still are when we let go of TJ for benson's bum-a* so happy forte is coming along and becoming a top back. we needed that.