Sunday Morning Scramble

Here is the quick breakdown of key players and their status as of 12 Noon:

Probably (90%)
Steven Jackson
Michael Pittman
Ryan Torain
Todd Heap
Trent Edwards
Chad Johnson
Aaron Rodgers
Lamont Jordan
Laverneus Coles
Jericho Cotchery
Brian Westbrook
Willie Parker
Santana Moss
Clinton Portis

Questionable (50%)
Jason Witten
Brandon Stokely
Joseph Addai
Reggie Wayne
Sammy Morris
Warrick Dunn
The entire Redskins defense it appears

Out (Street Clothes)
Leonard Pope
Josh Reed
Champ Bailey- Denver DST
Mike Walker
Larry Johnson
Reggie Bush
Darren McFadden
Deon Branch
Matt Hasslebeck

If i missed anyone who is of importance for you email me. I can try to get back to you before the 1:00 games.

Author: JD Dowell

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