Well folks for most people the season is now over and we hope that you achieved your goal of winning your league. We certainly hope that we were able to help you in your quest and would love to hear stories about your league and your path to the championship. We would appreciate you taking a moment to post a comment to the site stating your results and if we were able to help in your quest for glory that is great as well.

Just because the season is over for many does not mean that it is time to put away the fantasy football until next year. For everyone who is in a keeper or dynasty league this is a key time of the year for you to make sure next year you have the ability to post your championship story here at Hatty Waiver Wire Guru. We have a dedicated staff or experts when it comes to dynasty leagues and we are here to help. I want to take a moment to recognize our staff and also make sure you have their contact information in case you need help with trades, upcoming rookies and overall strategy to help you improve your team.


If you are wondering about credentials all of us won at least 1 of our fantasy leagues this year, all have extensive experience with dynasty leagues and all of us are here to help.

Thanks to all of our readers in our first year. It has been an awesome year and we look forward to hearing from you throughout the off season and into next year.

Author: JD Dowell


  1. Hi Guys,
    Well i didn't make the playoffs this year, but i came on strong at the end to finish 7-8. not bad for losing Romo for four weeks and for not really having a #1 RB. I was waiting on Ryan Grant for most of the year and Lendale White was good but also very inconsistent. Thanks to everyone at Hatty Waiver Wire Guru for the tips each week and those deep pickups. i'll be back next year.

  2. I had a rough beginning season (Tom Brady!) and didn't make the playoffs, however I only started using "Hatty" as a resource half way through the season. Since then, I only lost one game! I'll definitely be keeping my RSS feeds coming and checking out the page several times a week next year! It's the most interactive and best Fantasy Football site I've come across! Thank Hatty Team!

  3. This was my third year playing fantasy football and had never made the playoffs. I won the championship this year!! My drafting skill are terrible, so I relied heavily on Team "Hatty Waiver Wire Guru". I was on a 4 week losing streak when I came upon the site (1-4). I love Hatty's videos and he and JD answered all my e-mail pleas for help. My final record was 9-5. This is by far the best fantasy football site. I'm a Hatty Waiver Wire Junkie. Thank you gurus!!

  4. This was my first fantasy football experience. I was two leagues (Family & Office). I finished 3rd (not bad for a beginner)in both leagues thanks to your great advices during the season as well postseason. I think you guys really have great sit/start advices and would recommend you to everyone who has and has not taken part in fantasy football. I hope to go further in the playoff next year with Hatty Waiver Wire Gurus to assist me along the way. Thanks again guys. You guys are awesome!!!!

  5. I play in a 32 team dynasty league, with two divisions. I was 2-10 last year but actually won my division this year ( 8-4)and made it to the league semis.
    My team was also voted most improved out of all 32 teams.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks !

  6. This year has been a great year, because I have seen so many people do better in their leagues because of the site. I have received excellent feedback on potential improvements. Next year I am going to have a draft guide as well as produce weekly start/sit videos. I love feedback and if you need to see anything on the site just email me. and I will take time to answer each email individually. Congrats to everyone's accomplishments so far this year.


  7. 5th in a 12 team league.

    could have been better but addai, barber, and Lj were no good at the end.

    That being said, Brees, Pierre Thomas, and Colston won me the consolation after Addai lose me the first round.

  8. Rotoworld & those other fantasy sites suck. You guys are way better than those other guys & more accurate at times on who to sit/start. Your knowledge on players & the projections are amazing. Dude, if it wasn't for you guys I would've had another crappy season. This time I finished top 3 (10-3 this season record compared to last season 4-9 with taking advice from Roto crap) 2nd place in postseason this season thx to DeAngelo Williams killing my team in the finals, & won some prize at least, hopefully with your help again next year I'll come away with the Championship and the big prize. Thanks dudes!!!!