Fantasy Off-Season

For those of you that made your league championship game, congratulations! For those of you that didn't, now comes the most undervalued time in fantasy football keeper and dynasty league play, the fantasy off-season while the NFL keeps playing.

This is the time to try and deal that fantasy surprise that you scooped up off waivers or acquired in a trade that you have concerns about for next year. It's important to remember that right now he is a commodity; in a couple of months he'll once again be a prospect. Is Vincent Jackson the next Anquan Boldin, or is he is the next Kevin Curtis?

Right now he looks like he is the next Boldin. It all falls into buy low sell high. Obviously dealing these guys is risky. You are gambling on them either failing miserably next year, not performing at a top level next year, or that you can get something of greater value for next year and beyond. The other side of the gamble is the player you are trading for. You want to be careful not to "overpay" for another player that may or may not perform next year. The gamble expands exponentially when you trade these players for draft picks. The ideal target for these trades are owners that feel they are one player away, or if you are packaging players your target is a team that has one or two superstars, but no depth. Key in on these teams and even if your league doesn't open the trade window until after the regular season, you can start doing your homework for these trades now.

I'm not telling you that you can turn a player like Steve Breaston into Adrian Peterson, but if you have a player near the edge of you keeper list or outside your primary starting line-up that could net you a better player to plug into your lineup for next year, now is the time. Their value will never be higher than it is right now until three to four weeks into next season.

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