Hatty's Week 15 Afternoon Delight

With such a short turnaround from Week 14 to 15 and the videos Hatty has already put up this week I wanted to wait until the last possible moment for the normal weekly player news. This week is championship week for most leagues so the player news is vital to those still fighting for the title. Some BIG news this week around some players who may be in your lineups so let's get started.

Anquan Boldin
The man has had a broken face and still been beyond beast like all season long. For owners who have rode Boldin's good play to the finals this is bad news. The Cardinals are considering sitting Boldin this week! Boldin has an injured shoulder and with the division already locked up and home field advantage not possible the Cards have nothing to really play for over the next two weeks. This is not set in stone yet but I have a feeling even if Boldin suits up you likely won't see him play a significant amount of time. STEVE BREASTON owners should have him in the week!

Frank Gore
Gore stated that he is about 50/50 for this week. Which means that even if he does play he likely will split time with Deshaun Foster making his value for owners looking to win their league minimal. I would recommend going with other options if you have them.

Matt Forte
Forte was once again held out of practice for a bum toe on Thursday. This has the risk level at high for Forte to miss this week's game. Luckily for owners he does not play until Monday Night so it gives him an extra day of rest. For those owners who have Forte as one of their premier backs you need to snag Adrian Peterson just in case it turns out that Forte will miss time.

Tony Dungy stated publicly that if the Colts win on Thursday night that he may rest his starters in Week 17 since the win would clinch their playoff spot. To me that says that this week could be a big week for Colts players such as Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark and their running backs could have big games tonight as they have a little added bonus should they win. MARVIN HARRISON is out this week so be sure you plug in Gonzalez if you own Harrison.

Reggie Bush
If you have been under a rock, or busy with your wife's graduation, then you know that Reggie Bush is done for the year. This makes Pierre Thomas a must start unless you are working with some serious depth at RB.

Brandon Jacobs
BJ was back at practice and with the huge game against Carolina on Sunday night you can expect him to be back in the lineup. With home field advantage at stake this game could be amazing. Be sure to Tivo, DVR or put it on a VHS for those who are behind the times if you cannot be sure to make it live.

Trent Edwards
For those owners who have limped into the finals and need a QB Edwards looks to be back this week and could be a nice spot starter.

That is all for this week and good luck to all of our readers in the finals. I know about 75% of the owners I communicate with have made it to the championship and from what Hatty and the other writers have mentioned they are hearing similar things. I hope that we have been able to help you make it to your league finals.

Be sure to email us if you have any last minute lineup needs or questions.

Author: JD Dowell
Email: jdncsu350@hattywaiverwireguru.com

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