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So I am already on the lookout for the 2010 season and some potential sleepers you can grab and stash on your dynasty roster if you can keep at least 12 players otherwise they will be great late round picks.

Pick #1: Early Doucet

It's inevitable that Boldin will be traded this off-season with the rise of Breaston and Doucet.  If I was coaching the Cardinals I would trade Boldin for a top pick and start thinking about another QB as Warner is most likely retiring (when someone says football isn't fun anymore they are going to go spend some time with their family for sure).  Watching Doucet in the play-offs it became apparent that he is going to have a productive 2010 season.  In my dynasty league I dropped Tory Holt and snagged Doucet now for the 2010 season.

Pick #2: Devin Aromashodu
Talk about a tough last name to pronounce; I could probably work at it all day and still goof it up.  He emerged as a great target towards the end of the year for Cutler.  At 6'2"/200 and only 25 years old, the kid has the speed as well as the hands to be dangerous.  He can obviously find the endzone and makes an ideal candidate for late round draft pick in 2010 or a grab n' stash in keeper leagues that you take over 12 with you next year.

Pick #3: Leonard Weaver
This one is a stretch as most RB's in your league are probably not sitting on the waiver wire right now, at least ones that you want for next year.  Weaver is a full-back and if Westbrook retires and the Eagles don't snag another RB then I think Weaver is a great change of pace back for Phili.  He is a bit of a gamble of course but for a late round pick or big league stash he is worth the risk.

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