2010 Later Round Picks

My goal is to keep you abreast (solid word) of talent you should be marking on your draft guide later round picks.

Lee Evans: He is being forgotten in drafts as he only had 500 yards and six touchdowns last season.  TO will be exiting this off-season which should open up more opportunities for Evans.  Keep in mind that he has averaged six touchdowns over his career and 880 yards.  It is fair to say that you can expect 880 yards and six TDs for 2010, but he has upside of 1000+ hards and near double digit TD's (he done this before) which puts him in the top 20 WR's.  He is being ranked as a top 40 WR currently, but my guess is he ends up top 20 if you look at his averages over his career and the fact that he is only 28 years old makes him a solid later round pick.

Carnell Williams: There is no announced starter in Tampa Bay, but you can be confident that Carnell Williams and Derrick Ward will split carries with Earnest Graham taking some touches as well.  So Caddy is in a RBBC situation, but is clearly the most talented back of the three.  Keep in mind Ward is being paid the most, but that didn't stop the Bucs from using Williams more than Ward.  I see Caddy going very late in drafts and you can expect 900 total yards and seven TDs this year with potentially more upside.  He is a very solid late round pick in PPR leagues as he is typically good for 25 receptions.

Jason Campbell: Call me insane, but I don't think the Skins draft a QB or bring in another QB this off-season.  Why?  Because Campbell was a top 15 QB last year.  #14 in total yards last season and #18 in TD's thrown last season.  He has been drafted very late in drafts and I think you can put off going for your back-up QB and focus on other key positions, then snag Campbell knowing he makes a very solid back-up for the 2010 season.

Zach Miller:  Top 10 in total yards among TE's in 2009 with only three TD's which hurt him last year.  The Raiders can't get worse then Russel at QB and I expect Miller to see a tic up in his TD total and top 10 in yards again.  You can have Miller later in your draft and he will be a reliable TE for your 2010 season.  If you can wait on snagging a TE in the draft this will allow you to focus on your back-up WR's and RB's early in the draft.

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