Moving up the draft guide...

The off-season isn't horrible; it gives me a chance to think about what the site needs, read the survey results, and network amongst other fantasy football sites/owners.

The other great thing is I am able to stop and think about some developing players and talent for the 2010 season.  Below are some players that I am moving up my draft sheets.  I am constantly updating my 2010 draft guide as I hone in on who I want to target in later rounds.

Here is who is moving up my draft guide:

Shonn Greene -   There is a ton of talk about Thomas Jones returning to the Jets and how much the Jets will pay for his return.  Also waiting in the wings is Leon Washington who is a free agent this year.  There are so many factor in the backfield of the Jets, but one thing will remain consistent, the Jets will run the ball.  Shonn Greene is going to be back next year and looked solid in relief for Leon Washington.  So if Washington or Jones exits we are looking at a guy that will be splitting reps on a run heavy offense.  I feel very good about Greene and have started moving him up on my draft guide.

Felix Jones -  I am sad to say that Marion Barber's workload will continue to decrease with a healthy Jones in the backfield.  Regardless of who is in the backfield next year with Jones you can be certain that the Cowboys will look to Jones to be productive.  I am also keeping an eye on Tashard Choice in the last rounds of the draft as I think he could be traded or Barber could be traded or Barber is gets injured again like he does every year and Choice is additional given backfield duties.  One thing to keep in mind is that Jones is a bit more fragile then I would like to see, picking up Choice as a hand-cuff in the last round is a must.

Arian Foster - I am certain that you will be able to wait until the 7th round of your draft to pick up Foster.  As it stands he is the new #1 back in Houston and the Texans are planning on investing some time into making sure this kid steps up.  It will be very interesting to see what the Texans do in the off-season as I am expecting them to bring in a seasoned RB or make a play for a solid RB during the draft.  BUYER BEWARE - Foster is someone who is moving up in my guide right now, but could easily fall back down based on the Texans off-season maneuvers.

Matt Cassel - Charlie Weis is coming to Kansas City and I think this bodes well for Mr. Cassel.  I would love to have him as a back-up QB and he will be able to be snagged very late in drafts.  I love his upside and with a legitimate RB in the back-field I would expect to see Cassel's numbers come in around 20 TD's and 3,000 yards with additional upside if we see Dwayne Bowe all year.

Jay Cutler - It's hard to believe, but with all of Cutler's interceptions last year he still was able to turn out a top 15 performance.  Mike Martz is a comin' to town and I think this will dramatically improve Cutler's chances of being a top 10 QB in the league.  I have no doubt that you will be able to grab him in the fifth round of your draft this year.  I love drafting QB's with my fifth pick and I will targeting Cutler as my go to QB for 2010.  

Jermichael Finley - You are not going to see this guy in the top 5 TE's on many draft guides, but don't be shocked if he puts up the most fantasy points for a TE in 2010.  I love Aaron Rodger's this year and I have him ranked #1 amongst QB's; Finley is going to be a huge beneficiary of Rodger's stellar 2010 and I wouldn't hesitate to reach for him a bit earlier in drafts.

Pierre Garcon - Call me crazy but I have Pierre Garcon in my top 15 of WR's next year.  Playing oppisite Reggie Wayne opens up a ton of routes for this catch monster.  It certainly doesn't hurt that Peyton Manning is his QB and he plays for an offensive beast of a team.  I wouldn't be surprised if Garcon ends up in the top 10 in TD's and yards next year amongst WR's.

Good luck in 2010, feel free to support the site and buy a $5 draft guide.  


  1. How do they ALL fit in Indy? Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, and now you have Pierre Garcon in the Top 15 - but what about Anthony Gonzalez, who you also love saying, "Anthony Gonzalez: He was a major disappointment last year and is on many waiver wire's right now. I could see dropping a guy like Torry Holt and snagging Gonzo as I think he has more talent than Austin Collie."

  2. My line of thinking is P. Manning is good for 4,000 yards and 35 TDs a year. One has to believe the minimum # of yards for Pierre will be 800 yards and 8 TDs. Wayne = 1,000 and 10, Clark = 1,000 and 10, Garcon = 1,000 and 10, then Collie, Gonzo, Addai, Brown, & Co. get 1,000 and 5.

    Either way Garcon should show between 800-1,500 yards and 8-12 TDs. He seems safe to me.