5 Super Deep Sleepers

This is the last installment of the "Super Deep Sleepers" series; the focus will be around QB's and TE's that can be had in the last round of your 2010 fantasy football draft.  Being prepared for the last rounds is critical to building depth and helping your team through the bye weeks and occasional injuries.  If you missed the first two installments "5 RB Super Deep Sleepers" and "5 WR Super Deep Sleepers" then please click the links to catch up.

Charlie Whitehurst (QB Seattle Seahawks): He is the newest addition to the Seattle Seahawks which are going through a ton of changes this off-season.  A new coaching staff is in place and is already concerned about Matt Hasselbeck as there long term option.  Is Whitehurst capable of being a long term option?  I have my doubts, but the word is Whitehurst will be installed later in the season and take over for Hasselbeck.  If you end up drafting Hasselbeck this year then I would strongly consider grabbing Whitehurst for your bench.  My gut says Hasselbeck starts the season with the potential of Whitehurst taking over after week 10.

Chase Coffman (TE Cincinnati Bengals): The Bengals have yet to find a solid TE option over the years and drafted Coffman in the 3rd round in 2009, but did not use him.  He has the ability to be a receiving TE on a team that is able to throw the ball down-field (some people would debate me on that statement).  If you are in your last round of the 2010 draft and want an extreme flyer then snag Coffman and let him ride your bench until he starts.  If he doesn't start by week 3 then drop him and keep an eye on him, if you have a limited bench then don't bother with this grab and stash TE.

Bo Scaife (TE Tennessee Titans): Jared Cook was supposed to take the reigns in 2010, but doesn't appear to be ready yet.  Bo has been signed to another year of duty and I expect decent  back-up TE numbers from a healthy Scaife; 500+ yards and 2+ TD's in 2010 while Cook takes another year to grow.

Brandon Pettigrew (TE Detroit Lions): Pettigrew is a monster who is heading into his sophomore year in Detroit.  Went down last season due to injury, but is a very capable TE when he starts.   If he can stay healthy he will have no problem landing 650+ yards and 4+ TD's which makes him an excellent late round pick for a back-up TE for 2010.

Derek Anderson (QB Arizona Cardinals): This pick is a major reach, but is it really at this point?  If the Cards don't bring in another young QB from the draft and Matt Leinart under-preforms, which he is known to do then Anderson ends up on a team with a solid WR core and gets the starting job.  Obviously Anderson is a last round pick and will warm your bench, but he has some of the best potential upside if Leinart is benched.

Bonus pick ...

Seneca Wallace (QB Cleveland Browns): What is more likely? Delhomme re-energizes his career in the Cleveland and plays all year or he does the same thing he did in Carolina then after interception after interception gets benched and Seneca starts the rest of the season.  Holgrem brought in Wallace when he came to Cleveland and being his old coach makes a strong argument that he is ready to start Wallace if Delhomme fails.  Wallace can be had in the last round and warms your bench until further notice.
Late round picks are important, when everyone else in your draft is picking best available in the last rounds you are going to be hunting for back-ups and finding players with potential upside.

All of these players at a minimum you should keep your eye on even if you don't draft them as they are all in situations that could allow them to put up fantasy points if given the chance or if they can remain healthy.

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