2012 Rankings for Fantasy Football NFL Rookies

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Going into 2012 one has to gauge how the rookies will impact rankings.  Obviously rookies get a bump up in rankings if you play in a dynasty league.  As far as the rankings go below I am going to take the approach of what rookies will have an immediate impact in 2012 and players you should be targeting in your 2012 Drafts.  I am going to start with our top picks for QB's, RB's, and WR's.

QB Rankings

1) Robert Griffin (QB, WAS) - If I were Indy I would have selected Griffin over Luck, but there is a good argument that Luck has a better head on his shoulders and from a long term perspective could do better than Griffin.  In some cases this argument is a coin flip, but I am certain that Griffin will outperform Luck in 2012. Griffin has the ability to be a top 15 overall QB in 2012.  Solid selection as a back-up QB in your leagues for 2012.

2) Andrew Luck (QB, IND) - Indy needed a QB and elected for a QB that can grow with the franchise.  In 2012 I only foresee Luck going through some growing pains.  He does have a veteran WR target in Reggie Wayne who can help him to develop.  Overall I don't see Luck cracking into the top 15 QB's for 2012 but he would be a fine bye week filler or injury spot starter for 2012.

3) Brandon Weeden (QB, CLE) - Weeden will be a starting QB in 2012 if he can hold Colt McCoy off from starting.  It is all but certain that he will be the starter in week one of the season, but you have to take a wait and see approach.  In most leagues Weeden will be on the waiver wire and in dynasty leagues he will be stashed into a "practice squad" type position.  Keep an eye on him for 2012.

RB Rankings

1) Trent Richardson (RB, CLE) - One of the most talented RB's to be drafted in a number of years.  He is an instant starter in Cleveland and will be handed a considerable workload for his rookie season.  He has upside to be a top 10 RB in 2012, but from a level-headed assessment it is fair to say he will be a top 20 RB in 2012 with upside in following years for dynasty owners.  Draft with confidence here and hope for solid upside in 2012.  My favorite rookie to target in 2012.

2) Doug Martin (RB, TB) - Tampa Bay is ready for a new RB and Doug Martin is my sleeper RB for 2012.  He has very little competition to become the starting RB in Tampa Bay and has awesome hands for you PPR league players.  Due to his ability to catch Martin becomes a favorite of mine for 2012 production among rookies.  From a dynasty perspective he should develop and become a solid asset in Tampa.

3) David Wilson (RB, NYG) - If Bradshaw can stay healthy then Wilson won't produce too much in 2012, but if you take an approach that Bradshaw is very likely to miss games in 2012 due to injury then you have a sneaky RB selection and a rookie with the ability to produce in 2012.

WR Rankings

1) Justin Blackmon (WR, JAX) - Clearly didn't find a team that has a great QB, but he is an immediate starter in Jacksonville and has opportunity to produce in 2012.  Can he be this years AJ Green?  I honestly believe he won't put up AJ Green numbers from last year, but he should find 750+ yards and 5 TD's in 2012.

2) Michael Floyd (WR, ARZ) - Super talented WR, but playing behind Andre Roberts and Larry Fitzgerald.  I don't think his 2012 production will be too solid but looking from a long term perspective Floyd has a ton of potential.  Take a long term approach with a Floyd pick.

3) Kendall Wright (WR, TEN) - Kendall Wright is a sneaky pick for production in 2012.  He should start in 2012 and it wouldn't be surprising to see 500+ yards and 4 TDs in 2012 which make him a bye week filler and injury spot starter.

Overall Rankings for the 2012 Season

1) Trent Richardson - easy selection for 2012 and will be the top fantasy producer among rookies.

2) Doug Martin - looking for the PPR upside in his overall yards.  Should be over 750+ yards and 5 TD's

3) Justin Blackmon - very close to putting him ahead of Doug Martin, but the Jacksonville QB situation keeps him at #3 overall for 2012.

4) Robert Griffin - I know many of you are puzzled by him being #4, but keep in mind that I have him around #15 overall as QB, so Griffin should be your back-up QB from a redraft perspective.  If you look at him from a dynasty perspective he is #2.

5) Andrew Luck - Again, he falls into the same situation as Griffin, Luck is a back-up QB at best in 2012.

6) Michael Floyd - Floyd and Wright will be neck and neck with 500+ yards and 4 TD's.

7) Kendall Wright - Same type of production as Floyd

8) David Wilson - Has tons of upside if Bradshaw becomes injured otherwise he will be on your bench.

Overall Rankings for Dynasty

1) Trent Richardson - no doubt that he is the most talented among the rookies and in a situation where he is able to produce fantasy points.

2) Robert Griffin - the upside potential for Griffin could put him into top 10 QB's in the NFL, but give him a year or two.

3) Andrew Luck - has the long term potential to be one of the best QB's in the NFL, but he will need some time.

4) Justin Blackmon - if Jacksonville could just land a solid QB, which will happen in the future.

5) Doug Martin - PPR RB of the future.  Think Ray Rice, but not for a while.

6) Michael Floyd - He needs to be a WR1 or WR2 on a team before we see solid weekly production.

7) Kendall Wright - If he gels well in Tennessee he will shoot up this list.

8) David Wilson - Until we see an injury he stays low on the list.

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