2012 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Don't Wait on RB's

Drafting strategies are important when you head into your 2012 fantasy football drafts.  You have to be prepared for drafts to take crazy turns like a run on QB's in the first round.  BUT there is one thing that happens in all drafts, RB's are drafted.  Most likely the first four out of five picks in the first round will be RB's.  Finding RB's that will produce for you during the year is very important.

We tend to see WR's emerge during the year and most often WR's are some of the most fruitful waiver wire picks.  There are times when RB's are injured or miss a week so there are RB waiver wire targets as well, but finding a RB that becomes a weekly starter off the waiver wire is a bit more challenging.  Don't worry though, I will be sure to find you gems during the year from the waiver wire.

OK, let's get right down to it.  DON'T SLEEP ON RB's, you have to draft them early.  I would highly recommend that in the first four rounds of drafting that two of those picks be RB's.

You will end up with either one QB, one WR, and two RB's or two WR's and two RB's.  Why didn't I mention TE?  TE's are plentiful this year and I don't recommend a TE in the first four rounds.

If you sleep on RB's and draft your second RB in round five or six then you will be scrambling for RB's with upside.  Meaning you won't be 100% sure they are going to produce for you.

Let's compare...  Team 1 drafts: L. McCoy, B. Marshall, M. Stafford, and M. Colston.  Team 2 drafts: T. Brady, D. Murray, A. Bradshaw, and J. Nelson.

OK... they seem pretty neck and neck going into round five, but in round five Team 1 has RB choices of: S. Greene, CJ Spiller, J. Stewart while Team 2 has WR choices of: B. Lloyd, A. Brown, D. Bowe, V. Jackson.

I know, I know... sometime there are solid RB's in round five, BUT more often the above scenario is what takes place.

Now Team 1 has: L. McCoy, B. Marshall, M. Stafford, M. Colston, and S. Greene
Now Team 2 has: T. Brady, D. Murray, A. Bradshaw, J. Nelson, and D. Bowe

These are your weekly starters and Team 2 has a stronger RB situation while the WR situation is still pretty darn close.

Drafts go in many directions, but I am certain if you sleep on RB in 2012 your team won't be as strong.  There are just a bit more solid fantasy WR's this year than there are RBs.

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  1. YO HATTY! Great read brother, you nailed this one. Great advice and it makes sense =)

    Hope all is well on your side of the fence.

    1. Thanks Kurt... I love your site http://fantasyknuckleheads.com/ keep up the great work.