2012 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 4

It's time for the exhaustive list of waiver wire pick-up for week 4.  There is a little something for everyone on this week's waiver wire and of course there is more gold for you this week as well.

5 Star Pick-ups

Andre Brown (RB, NYG) - Did you listen to me last week?  I told you Brown was the guy to start.  If Bradshaw is out again next week; you need to start this young man.

Mikel LeShoure (RB, DET) - starting RB’s are tough to come by and we have been telling you about LeShoure every week.  I hope you listened and grabbed LeShoure because he is now big news this week.  He is a must pick-up player of the week.

Michael Bush (RB, CHI) - he should not be on your waiver wire, but for some crazy reason if Bush is on your waiver wire he must be owned.

Tashard Choice (RB, BUF) - I hate it for CJ Spiller owners but if you remember I did tell you to sell high on CJ Spiller, but every player is susceptible to injuries.  Choice has the ability to produce fantasy relevant numbers for the bye week.  He is a must pick-up player of the week as well. Fred Jackson has the potential to come back this week so keep an eye on that news.

4 Star Pick-ups

Bilal Powell (RB, NYJ) - he is seeing more use and potential.  He isn’t ready to be a starter for your fantasy team, but it’s tough to find usable backs this year.  Powell will be the starter in New York before the end of the season.  

Lance Ball (RB, DEN) - McGahee appears to be a bit banged up and Ball would get the lion share, followed by Ronnie Hillman. Keep an eye on this news for a sleeper starter.

Dennis Pitta (TE, BAL) - do yourself a favor and at least have Pitta as a back-up, but seriously he is a solid TE with starter quality. 

Rashard Mendenhall (RB, PIT) - worth stashing now and fingers crossed that he will be the man in Pit.  Worth the bench spot if you have room.

Kenny Britt (WR, TEN) - it’s only a matter of time.  I talk about him weekly because I believe has the ability to produce fantasy numbers.  Really wish he had a better attitude, but worth rostering with bye week coming up.

Lance Moore (WR, NO) - if he still happens to be on your bench and you are in a TD league then he is your bye week filler.  With Meachem in SD this opened Moore up for fantasy production.

Kyle Rudolph (TE, MIN) - He is a big target in Minnesota.  With the bye weeks around the corner Rudolph is your bye week filler to start.

Andrew Luck (QB, IND) - he can produce fantasy numbers in place of an underperforming QB.  Indy has no problems allowing Luck to toss it down the field.

Daryl Richardson (RB, StL) - He can’t be ignored; he is worth rostering as SJax is battling an injury.

Danny Amendola (WR, StL) - Going to find a way to put PPR points on the board for your team.

Shaun Hill (QB, DET) - only has value if Stafford is out, but Hill has consistently been able to put up solid fantasy numbers when he starts.

Daniel Thomas (RB, MIA) - Thomas is finally healthy again and could be a goal line vulture.  Keep an eye on Thomas he had more snaps played than Miller.   Thomas looks to be the stronger back here, but he will split carries if Bush is out.

Jacquizz Rodgers (RB, ATL) - every week he gets more work given to him.  He is a must grab at this point.

3 Star Pick-ups

Christian Ponder (QB, MIN) - he played well against a tough SF Defense.  He continues to show flashes of fantasy relevance.  Keep an eye on him and really only worth rostering in 2 QB leagues.

Heath Miller (TE, PIT) - he is a TD machine this year, so if you need some help in a TD league he is viable but PPR leagues can steer clear.

Jake Locker (QB, TEN) - Jake Locker is healthy and looks to be throwing rather well; again he will be for your bye week. 

Jared Cook (TE, TEN) - he has been a solid waiver choice in the past although I would rather have Rudolf.  

Kevin Kolb (QB, ARZ) - showing us that he has potential to put up fantasy numbers that are usable.  Denarius Moore (WR, OAK) - Moore will come along nicely and is an end-zone target.   Not a bad pick-up this week.

Kendall Wright (WR, TEN) - dynasty leagues please make sure this guy is not on the waiver wire and pick him up.  Redraft leagues Wright is good for PPR leagues.

Nate Burleson (WR, DET) - Doesn’t have a ton of upside, but tends to get 4 to 6 catches a week.Andy Dalton (QB, CIN) - he is finding the endzone.  He has better stats than many QB’s out there so don’t sleep on him too much.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB, BUF) - for the same reasons as Dalton.

Fred Davis (TE, WAS) - has a ton of potential and showed last year that he has the talent.  Worth rostering and starting in bye weeks or for an underperforming TE.

2 Star Pick-ups

Brandon Myers (TE, OAK) - quietly putting up 4 catches a week.  If you are desperate for a TE during the bye weeks you can draw on Myers.

Lamar Miller (RB, MIA) - if Bush misses any time and you are really in need of a RB then Miller will earn some carries.  

TJ Graham (WR, BUF) - with the injury to Nelson this allows Graham to get some time on the field.  He had his first touchdown this weekend, but someone to put on your watch list.

Armon Binns (WR, CIN) -  dynasty owners must keep an eye on Binns.  He is quite a large target and should be considered for a long term.  You need to have a large bench if you plan on rostering Binns.

Jeremy Kerley (WR, NYJ) - Keep an eye on this young WR.  The issue is going to be with his consistency.  One upside is that he does handle punt returns if your league gives you points in that area.

Donnie Avery (WR, IND) - Indy has faith in Donnie Avery and he is in a system that is going to throw the ball.  If you are in a PPR league Avery is able to give you upside.

1 Star Pick-ups

Joique Bell (RB, DET) - keep an eye on Bell, Detroit was using him a ton during overtime, but LeShoure is the man to own in Detroit.

Ronnie Hillman (RB, DEN) - he had his first NFL game and is worth monitoring in fantasy leagues.  If McGahee misses any time with injury Hillman will backup Ball.

Brandon Stokley (WR, DEN) - quietly becoming a target for Manning, but still only worth monitoring at this point.

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  1. ThankZZZz!!!! for the Mikel LeShoure advice. Definitely works out........... u tha man.......

  2. In a 12-team standard league, would you drop Kevin Smith for Choice, Daniel Thomas, or Powell? Also, in a 10-team league, I also have Kevin Smith, and could drop him for any of your waiver wire RBs (except Leshoure or Andre Brown) OR for the following free agents: Amhad Bradshaw and Ryan Williams. What would you recommend in each league? Thanks!

    1. Ok, lots of stuff going on here... Drop Smith for Choice in the one league. Please grab Ryan Williams and Bradshaw in the other league.

    2. Respectfully disagree w/ regards to the 12-teamer... Grab Powell. F-Jax AND Spiller will both be healthy within 2 weeks.

    3. @Greg - it was surprising to me to see FJax saying he can play this week so I am keeping my eye on him. If you need someone for this week for production then out of Thomas, Powell, and Choice then Thomas has now taken the lead if FJax plays. For the season Powell should be good for fantasy teams by fantasy players.

      Thanks Greg!

  3. Hey Hatty, need two backs. I got Alfred Morris, Andre brown, Doug Martin and Leshoure. Who would you run for wk.4?

    1. If Bradshaw is out then Brown and Martin, if Bradshaw is in then Martin and LeShoure. You should consider trading to of your backs for one stud, but otherwise nice depth and great job using waiver wire. Morris, Brown and LeShoure are all waiver wire gold.

  4. My name is John C,

    What about Jerome Simpson? He comes back this week from suspension. Is he not worth a look in Minn as a deep threat?

    1. Simpson is worth a stash at this point. It will be interesting to see how productive he is in the offense, but he certainly has upside.

  5. You have Lance Ball listed as a 4-star pickup, saying he's the guy behind McGahee... You also have Lance Ball listed as a 1-star pickup, saying Hillman is the guy behind McGahee... How am I supposed to take your stuff seriously???

    1. Yeah, I goofed. I updated the article later in the week after the update on McGahee. I moved Ball up the list and didn't update the rest of the article. Clear oversight and I can see how this would hurt my credibility. I will say this is the first time I have goofed like that in five years, but still not a good excuse. Thanks for the catch. Article updated.

  6. Hey Hatty, would you drop Bennie Wells for Ryan Williams?

    1. Can you stash Wells? Williams is the starter now with Wells injured so he is worth picking up for sure.

  7. how do you put lance ball on the 4 star and 1 star list. your a moron!!

    1. it is "you're a moron" but i suppose we can see who the real moron is here. haha, fail.

    2. Yeah, I updated the article later in the week due to the further news on McGahee. I failed to update the rest of the article. The article has now been updated. This is the first time in five years I have had this issue, but moron's like me tend to make mistakes.

  8. hey hatty is being down 0-3 signs that i'm out of playoff contention in a 10 week (2 week playoff league)? my team is in desperate need of an overhaul but the market is DRIED UP (16 team league)

    Is there any hope for me and my cruddy team?

    1. Not a good sign, you are going to have to win out in a 10 week league to make it. So worth trying to make some trades and take some gambles.

  9. would it help if i submit my roster and go from there?

    Andy Dalton, Cin QB
    Arian Foster, Hou RB
    Alfred Morris, Wsh RB
    Nate Washington, Ten WR
    Jordy Nelson, GB WR
    Fred Davis, Wsh TE
    FLEX Jeremy Kerley, NYJ WR
    Jerrell Freeman, Ind LB
    DL J.J. Watt, Hou DE
    DB William Moore, Atl S
    D/ST Redskins D/ST D/ST
    K Shayne Graham, Hou K
    HC Jets Coach HC

    Bench Andrew Luck, Ind QB
    Harry Douglas, Atl WR
    Devery Henderson, NO WR
    Jonathan Dwyer, Pit RB
    Peyton Manning, Den QB
    Kellen Winslow, NE TE

    1. You need to get to trading... you have three QB's. You also make a good case to trade Arian Foster for two solid starters. If you could get a Doug Martin and a Reggie Wayne for Foster type trade going. Also start Manning this week.

  10. I had a prop for DMC, Doug martin, and alex smith for foster and luck

  11. thanks man! i will. you really are doing us a service with this site

  12. would you start doug martin or andre brown week 4?

  13. Would you start Pierre Thomas or Bilal Powell this week?

  14. Hey hatty, need two back. I got Mikel Leshoure, Ryan Mathews and Cedric Benson. Who would you run for Week 4?

    1. Matthews and LeShoure offer the most upside.

  15. Ok you have 3 choices to start 1 guy. I got maclin,garcon and marshall. Which one should i start week4. thanks. I have marshall in currently.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. I need help Hatty! Here is my lineup

    Peyton Manning - QB
    Darren Sproles - RB
    Pierre Thomas - RB
    Jordy Nelson - WR
    Danny Amendola - WR
    Dennis Pitta - TE
    Jeremy Kerley - WR/Flex
    Texans - D/ST
    Sebastian Janikowski - K

    My Bench:
    Donald Brown - on bye week
    Pierre Garcon
    Rashad Mendenhall
    Mark Sanchez
    Coby Fleener - on bye week
    Cecil Shorts
    Bilal Powell

    Do I have the right players in line to play this week? Are their any other sleepers I could try to pickup? Any suggestions will help.


  17. Hey hatty, would you trade donald brown and brandon lafell for chris johnson? I get johnson by the way. Thanks.

  18. I've got Drew Brees @ GB and Matt Ryan @ home vs. CAR. Who should I start?

    1. Matt Ryan is unsittable at this point. You should trade one of those QBs to get a stud at RB or WR