2012 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 11

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Last week of bye weeks coming up before the playoff push. Keep working the waiver wire and building up your team.

5 Star Pickups

Danny Amendola (WR, StL) - check his stats from this week and previously when he has played; he is the pick-up of the week.

Beanie Wells (RB, ARZ) - he will be back soon and you want to stash him now. When he comes back he will take over.

4 Star Pickups

Danario Alexander (WR, SD) - Alexander has replaced Robert Meachem as a starting WR in SD.  If you are in need of a WR then Alexander will be boom or bust weekly WR, but one of the better waiver wire targets of the week.

Daniel Thomas (RB, MIA) - Reggie Bush keeps losing snaps to Thomas and Reggie was benched this week after a fumble.  Stash Thomas for now.

Marcell Reece (RB, OAK) - Oakland has turned to Reece for their starting RB while Mike Goodson and Darren McFadden are away.  He will do even better in PPR leagues as he is a converted WR to FB/RB. 

Joique Bell (RB, DET) - if you are in a PPR league Bell is going to put up consistent points and has TD upside.  

Brandon Myers (TE, OAK) - if you need a TE that will give you 3-6 catches a week with TD upside then go with Myers.  Better play in PPR leagues.

3 Star Pickups

Jake Locker (QB, TEN) - he has made this list almost weekly; fine as a backup QB for your roster.Golden Tate (WR, SEA) - seems to find the end-zone every week.  Big time boom or bust but you could gamble on worse.

Andre Brown (RB, NYG) - The Giants were getting blown out and NYG allowed Brown to handle the rock.  He looks pretty darn solid and Bradshaw is known for injuries.

Mark Ingram (RB, NO) - is he on your waiver wire; he is a stash at this point but looking better each week.

Dennis Pitta (TE, BAL) - had a nice weekend but still a boom or bust TE at this point, which makes him dicey to start.

2 Star Pickups

Donald Jones (WR, BUF) - he is very much a boom or bust WR, but when Buffalo is playing from behind against tough matchups he can be a sneaky start.

Cecil Shorts/Laurent Robinson (WR, JAX) - two WR’s that will truly be up and down from week to week.  Shorts has been the more consistent of the two and has a bit more upside.  Only use for bye week emergencies at this point, but there are better WR’s available out there.

Scott Chandler (TE, BUF) - getting many targets from Fitzpatrick but not going to set the world on fire.

Chris Ivory (RB, NO) - just looked solid on his long run; there are so many RB’s in NO that it’s hard to recommend him has a starter.

1 Star Pickups

Nick Foles (QB, PHI) - Vick had a concussion this Sunday and it gave Foles a chance to play for a while.  Foles is only someone to keep an eye on at this point.

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  1. Would you drop Rashad Jennings for Beanie Wells (or Benson) in a standard league?

    Would you drop Lloyd for Sidney Rice (also standard league)?

    And, can you rank the following ROS in a standard league? Hartline, Amendola, and DeSean Jackson.


    1. Try and trade Rashad and Lloyd rather than dropping them... do a two for one trade. Beanie and Sidney are both fine pickups.

      DJax, Amendola then Hartline

  2. Do you think Jennings has any value? Wondering if I should spend my waiver to pick him up for a potential playoff run.

    Also, do you think Benson would be a good pickup at this point?

    1. My bet is one of those two will pan out if you have the space on your roster.

    2. Sorry - to clarify (I think you read it correctly though) - I meant Greg Jennings.

  3. In a 12 man PPR Flex where you can play TE/WR/RB in the flex I have Peyton and Romo. Would you trade Romo for Eli and Vernon Davis?

  4. I have Andy Dalton already and want to drop Romo already. What do you think?

    1. Are you able to trade Romo?

    2. Nope, not with Romo's #s. Also, is it time to bail ship on rashad jennings? it seems the team is always down so they gotta run it. Maybe pick up Wells and drop jennings?

      Speaking of Jennings, do you think it's worth stashing him? I think I'm set to get into the playoffs. My logic is he will be valuable on my playoff run.

    3. Sorry 2nd paragraph refers to Greg Jennings

    4. I like picking up Wells for sure. Tough call on dropping Romo and Rashad... if you are set at QB you can drop Romo for Chris Wells but I would hold onto both Jennings.

  5. I dropped Jacoby Jones and T.Y. Hilton for Beanie Wells and Rashad Mendenhall. Was this a good drop considering they are both hurt right now and also which TE would you reccomend Brandon Myers or Greg Olsen