2013 Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 10 QB's

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Rankings: Top 10 QBs
By Mora Best
With ESPN conducting their yearly Fantasy Football (FFB) summit in order to complete their player rankings, it reminded my mind to start working its way back towards FFB. With that said, I’ve been thinking to myself about how deep this year’s FFB QB options are… If you get anyone between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, you are good with just one QB really. Below I, along with commentary from #TeamNoLacking, ranked the players 1-10 comparing my rankings to his. Check it out…
1.      My Ranking: Aaron Rodgers, Him: Drew Brees
Obviously Aaron Rodgers is a stud… with the highest QB rating of 108 last year, I think it’s safe to say that Rodgers will be in full #BeastMode again this year.
2.      My Ranking: Drew Brees, Him: Aaron Rodgers
TeamNoLacking: Last year he led the league in passing yards and yards per game… and honestly it was kind of a down year for Brees. I could see him returning this year and maybe even adding to last year’s total.
3.      My Ranking: Tom Brady, Him: Tom Brady
Outside of Aaron Rodgers, no one has a lower rate of interceptions then Tom Brady (8). Another model of consistency if you ask us.
4.      My Ranking: Peyton Manning, Him: Peyton Manning
The fact that Peyton was able to return from neck surgery last year and still lead the league in passing percentage (69%) is amazing; not to mention 2nd in QB rating (106) and over 4, 600 yards.
5.      My Ranking: Cam Newton, Him: Colin Kaepernick
TeamNoLacking: At the end of last year, Cam Newton was actually one of the better QBs. Only thing that worries me about Cam is I’m not sure if he is progressing at the rate we would expect him to.
6.      My Ranking: Matt Ryan, Him: Matt Ryan
Honestly, we could have rated Matt Ryan higher here but don’t let the #6 ranking fool you. With the weapons he’s working with in Atlanta coupled with that 4, 700 yard arm… he’s a pretty sure bet. TeamNoLacking: AND Matt Ryan has Steven Jackson this year!!!
7.      My Ranking: Andrew Luck, Him: Cam Newton
TeamNoLacking: Andrew is a QB who we KNOW will be continuously progressing throughout the year and beyond. With RG3 coming off surgery, Andrew Luck stands as the best sophomore QB.
8.      My Ranking: Colin Kaepernick, Him: Andrew Luck
First off, I’m a Niners fan so let’s be honest. This is beyond a Bromance, Colin Kaepernick is the future Chuck Berry of football my friends. If you don’t believe me, just go watch highlights of last year’s playoffs…
9.      My Ranking: Robert Griffin III, Him: Robert Griffin III
Originally, TeamNoLacking had RGIII ranked a little higher. Why so high and why the move down TNL? TeamNoLacking: RGIII could end up being a steal all the way back here at nine in light of all his athletic abilities and overall determination in general. However he may not even be ready for week 1 so I had to re-adjust my frame of thought.
10.  My Ranking: Matthew Stafford, Him: Matthew Stafford
Speaking of Bromance, Stafford has been on my fantasy radar since he literally was drafted into the NFL. I drafted him year one in the Maukuss so that tells you how strongly I feel about his arm. When you throw in Reggie Bush and MegaTron it’s just obvious that Stafford is underrated. He was 2nd in overall yards and yards per game to only Drew Brees.
Honorable Mention: Russell Wilson
Watch out for Russell Wilson, the kid is gifted. Anyone who posts a 100 QB rating in their first complete year at QB warrants attention. I had to find a way to get him on this list one way or another.

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