2014 Rookie Rankings and Dynasty Perspective

Ed Szcepanski - USA Today Sports
The draft is finally over and it's time to evaluate the new rookie class to find the production for re-draft leagues and also look at the long term potential for dynasty leagues.  Let's take a look at the top 10 rookies.

1. Bishop Sankey (RB, TEN) - whatever rookie RB went to the Titans was instantly going to be a top RB selection in re-draft and dynasty leagues.  Sankey won the lottery and gets to play for the Titans who are in instant need of a RB starter.  Sankey has amazing upside and will go in the 3rd to 5th rounds of most drafts.  If you are in a dynasty league he will go in the top 3 of a "Rookie Only" draft.  The issue with RB's is they don't last as long as a WR so if you want even more long term value then go for a WR if you have the first pick in a "Rookie Only" draft.

2. Mike Evans (WR, TB) - Did you watch any Chicago Bears games with Josh McCown last year?  There is zero doubt that Evans is going to put up some of the best rookie WR numbers, if not the best.  He has solid long term potential and he is the safest pick in a "Rookie Only" draft and can be taken #1.  In redraft leagues Evans will go in the 8th to 10th rounds and will be a bye week only WR with tons of upside to become a weekly starter.

3. Sammy Watkins (WR, BUF) - the major concern here is EJ Manual, but Buffalo is betting on Watkins so much that Stevie Johnson was sent to the 49ers.  Watkins dynasty potential is solid and he is a top 3 pick in "Rookie Only" drafts.  I have Watkins right behind Evans in re-draft leagues and his upside is also extremely solid.

4. Kelvin Benjamin (WR, CAR) - many people will argue with Benjamin being the #4 overall rookie, but I am taking the upside gamble due to his team situation.  Carolina needs a WR1 like crazy and Benjamin is a huge target.  There is no doubt he is going to get his chance to shine and it's all riding on his shoulders to deliver.  He major upside comes in the Red-Zone due to his amazing size.  Do you feel lucky, then draft Benjamin.

5. Odell Beckham (WR, NYG) - The Giants need to replace Hakeem Nicks and Beckham is a solid target for the G-Men.  In re-draft leagues he will only see bye week action, but has crazy upside as he should draw a ton of targets since he will be a starter.

6. Johnny Manziel (QB, CLE) - I just can't consider him in redraft leagues unless you want to park him on your bench to see what he can do.  In dynasty leagues Manziel should eventually become the starter, but I like QB's that throw more than they run so Manziel will not be a player that I target.

7. Brandin Cooks (WR, NO) - The Saints have a ton of targets but that being said the Saints love to throw the ball.  In redraft leagues Cooks will only play for injury or bye-weeks and probably not emerge as a weekly starter this year.  In dynasty leagues he needs to be acquired as he has tons of long term potential on a throwing offense.

8. Jeremy Hill (RB, CIN) - Green Ellis won't last forever and Bernard has to have another option as he can't carry the entire workload.  Hill will see the field this year, but won't be much of a redraft option.  In dynasty formats if you have Bernard then Hill is an obvious hand-cuff.

9. Terrence West (RB, CLE) - If you own Ben Tate then you have to consider West as a must have hand-cuff.  Tate is very injury prone and West is the insurance you need to have; the only other RB to monitor in Cleveland is Baker as well so if you are going to own Tate then you have to be all over the other RB's.  Cleveland will be a running offense so West simply can't be ignored in all formats.

10. Allen Robinson (WR, JAX) - Everyone knows I love WR's that are tall and Robinson more than fits the bill at 6'4".  He is going to be a huge Red-Zone target and the fact that Blackmon is not going to see the field for the Jags makes Robinson that much more appealing to me.  Robinson is the sleeper rookie you are looking for.

Bonus Pick

Eric Ebron (TE, DET) - Ebron has the legit talent, but the Lions have a ton of TE's so Ebron is only viable in dynasty formats.  He will be sitting on your bench the majority of this year, but he can't be ignored.

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