2015 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Update

Christopher Hainwinc - USA Today Sports

The season is officially over and I have some reflections as I look towards the 2016 season.  The major issue I am going to focus on in this article are the first five rounds of the fantasy draft for next year.  If any of you are looking to see who will win the Super Bowl then check out these Super Bowl Odds.

Let's take a look at the first five rounds to see current strategy thoughts:

Round 1 - if you are given one of the first four picks then targeting a reliable RB would be priority #1 (target Adrian Peterson).  Outside of the first four picks I am going to target a highly reliable WR like Antonio Brown or Julio Jones.  Injuries are killer at RB and taking a chance in the middle of the first round on a RB can result in disaster.

Round 2 - round two is all about WR and going after a top tier WR like a Brandon Marshall which will be the focus of round two.  You are at this point guaranteed to have a top RB or two top 15 WR's to build your team around.

Round 3 - round three is either going to be a top WR if you have a RB and WR or it will be a RB so then you will have a WR, WR, and RB by the end of round 3.  The RB choice will need to be a reliable RB that you feel will be in the top 10 for the year.

Round 4 - round four will be another RB so you are now filling out your bases of two RB's and two WR's.  I am avoiding TE until later rounds and looking for a TE with upside and relying on the waiver wire to help me at the TE position.

Round 5 - back to my faithful fifth round QB rule and depending on the size of your league you are going to get a top 10 QB.  Feel free to gamble here and wait another round or two for QB while you go after another RB or WR.

If you follow this strategy you will have a top 10 QB, two top 15 RB's and two top 15 WR's to win the season.  Your first two rounds are going to set the pace for the year and having a WR like Julio Jones or Antonio Brown that you can rely on for the year will be a solid way to build out your team.

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