2016 Fantasy Football: Week 11 Players to Watch

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Week 11: Players to Watch
By: Will Kay

At this point in the season, you may think that you have a pretty good idea of who is worth starting on your fantasy team. However, there are players out there that you may not know about or have simply overlooked for one reason or another. Let's take a look at a few players who may be flying under the radar who can help you create a dominant fantasy lineup.

Jamison Crowder, WR - Washington Redskins 

If you're looking for a wide receiver who will get in the endzone and rack up some receptions in the second half of the season, look no further than Jamison Crowder. He has received 28 targets in the past three weeks and has turned them into 20 catches for 252 yards and two touchdowns. His role should remain consistent with DeSean Jackson's health a question mark on any given Sunday.

Mike Gillislee, RB - Buffalo Bills

Although LeSean McCoy is back and healthy for the Bills, expect Gillislee to get his fair share of touches going forward. The Bills love to run the ball, and you can't give McCoy more than 20 touches a game if you want to keep him fresh. Over the past two games, Gillislee has averaged 10 carries, a little over 50 yards and a touchdown per contest. He is also capable of catching passes out of the backfield.

Marcus Mariota, QB - Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota is coming off a game against the Packers that saw him throw four touchdown passes. He has put up at least 270 passing yards in his last three outings, and is always a threat to scramble for some long gains. Over the next two weeks, he will face more weak competition from the Colts and Bears, which means you won't regret picking him up even if that means cutting another player and exposing him to waivers.

Bottom Line 

By this point in the season, there aren't a lot of sleeper players left. All you can do is hope you can find those one or two players that have performed well but still haven’t mas their way off the waiver wire. If any of Crowder, Gillislee or Mariota are still available, pick them up now to either bolster your team or to make sure the competition can't play them against you.

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