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So after a brief hiatus from the Daily updates we are back with some big news following Week 14. Most teams were in the playoffs this week and we would love to hear updates on how things went down. There is a lot of news surrounding some recent players who have been hot and be sure to tune in for the weekly waiver wire video if you won this week because this is a crucial time of the year for the waiver wire as you can easily find that high octane player to help push you to the championship.

This is almost getting ridiculous, Denver!
It appears that another one has bit the dust in what may become known as the worst loss of manpower since WWII. Peyton Hillis looks to be done for the year falling in line behind Michael Pittman, Ryan Torain and others in the Denver running game. For those who started Hillis this week, at least he got us a TD before he went out with a hamstring injury. Normal recovery time 5-6 weeks which means he is all but done for this year's fantasy football. If Tatum Bell is on your waiver wire then grab him now. Selvin Young may be back soon but that has been the word for weeks so who knows.

Marion the Barbarian
What is it with the Cowboys and pinkie digits this year? Marion Barber missed this past week with a dislocated pinkie toe. Barber is a beast so I assume this is more serious than it sounds but he looks to be back this week. After being called out by Jerry Jones, apparently misquoted but we know what ya mean Jerry, Barber is expected to be a game time decision this week. Tashard Choice had a nice performance filling in for Barber. Either way I expect Barber's value to be less than normal with Choice showing he can be productive.

Clinton Portis sat our all of the second half in Sunday Nights game. Portis has continued to play through the injuries but for fantasy owners looking for Portis to catch fire for the playoffs, those chances took another big hit with OT Chris Samuels going down for the year. For those who do not follow the Skins, Samuels has been an O-Line staple and a big part of the Skins Run and pass protection. The Skins Offense has been terrible for the past few weeks and this is not the type of loss to help them get better.

Ryan Grant
In similar news Ryan Grant's strong side blocker, Mark Tauscher, is done for the year which means the direction Grant performs best just took a big hit. Grant's numbers are down from what many expected and this news hurts their potential ground game even more.

In a hard hitting matchup on Sunday night both Ray Rice and Willis Mcgahee were not around at the end of the day. Willis probably broke a nail which means he will be out 9-12 months and Rice took a pretty good lick but no news on his injury. As we highlighted in a player spotlight earlier this year Leron McClain will likely be the starting back next week. Of course the Ravens face the Steelers which is not good for production but I have more confidence in a bruising back like McClain having a good day against the Steelers more than anyone else they have.

That is some of the biggest news coming from Sunday. I know tonight has a lot of owners nervous with Garcia, Dunn, Cadillac, Bryant, Delhomme, Smith, Muhammed, Williams and Stewart all playing just to name a few. Take time to look away from your scoreboard and enjoy what should be an awesome game. You cannot dictate the outcome by analyzing every 3 yards a player gets so just trust in your squad and let us know when you win and make it to the playoff semi-finals.

Please don't hesitate to email any of our writers for advice on wire pickups, lineup changes, injury reports, start em and sit em news and anything else to help your team win. We want to have a post once the playoff season is over claiming championships.

Author: JD Dowell
Email: jdncsu350@hattywaiverwireguru.com

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