Sunday Morning Scramble

Today is a big day for most fantasy owners as it is the first week of the playoffs in most 6 and 8 team playoff setups. Hopefully all of our readers made their playoffs and we would love to hear about it if we had a helping hand. Leave us a comment on the article to let us know you made the playoffs. This is the first Sunday Morning Scramble for the playoffs and there is some big news out there for owners who are looking for those final lineup changes to ensure they make it to next week.

First let's start with the player updates:

Probable (90% chance they are playing)
Anquan Boldin
Jason Elam
Willis Mcgahee
TJ Houshmanzadeh
Roy Williams
Peyton Hillis
Selvin Young
Kevin Smith
Ryan Grant
Matt Schaub
Reggie Bush
Brian Westbrook
Willie Parker
Josh Morgan
Steven Jackson
Donnie Avery

Questionable (50/50 and likely a gametime decision)
Trent Edwards (not likely)
Laverneus Coles (listed this way every week so expect him to play)
Ronald Curry
Matt Hasselbeck

Out (Reading the minute by minute account of Plaxico's infamous night)
Marion Barber
Carson Palmer
Kellen Winslow
Mark Bradley
Correll Buckhalter

As expected there are not many game time decisions as players are either playing or cannot physically make it to the field. For Marion Barber owners there should be some serious concern (I am one of them) when after 9 days of rest a dislocated pinkie keeps him out of a key game for this team and their playoff hopes. Tashard Choice should be picked up immediately. Toe injuries are never good as was witnessed in the Darren McFadden issues earlier this year that really killed his rookie year.

I hope to see some comments from our readers who made the playoffs. I should be around this morning if you have any last minute lineup needs or you have a player in questions not on my list. There are some matchups this week that lend my to think that some big offensive performances could be occurring today.

Good luck to everyone and let's get some W's in the playoffs!

Author: JD Dowell

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