2012 Fantasy Football: The Case for a QB in Round One

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Are you already thinking about your fantasy football draft for 2012?  Well I am, and I am more convinced then ever that if I don't have a top pick in the first round then I am going to snag a solid QB in the first round. People who have attended sports management colleges know how important it is to have a solid QB early on in the season.
There are two huddles of QB scoring to consider; the first huddle include (Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford).  The second huddle includes QB's such as (Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Michael Vick, and Phillip Rivers).

The difference in scoring from the first huddle and the second huddle are significant enough to be a season difference maker.

I have always advocated for selecting your QB in the fifth round and if you aren't getting a QB from the first huddle then you might as well wait until the fifth round.

I am personally targeting Aaron Rodgers, but if I don't get Aaron Rodgers in the first round I am still going for a QB in the first round.  Last year if I didn't get Aaron Rodgers and I waited until the fifth round for a QB and it bit me a little.  Although I either had Aaron Rodgers or Eli Manning if I waited until round five.  I have Eli Manning being the top QB of the second huddle as a side note.

Going into 2012 it is strongly recommend you make sure your team includes a QB from the first huddle.

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  1. i would never grab a qb in the 1st 3 rds even with the diffrence in scoring,4th rd is the earliest i would look at a qb but more then likely i'll go after someone like matt ryan,rivers,vick and back him up with someone whom i see as another cam newton type of qb late (jake locker) gonna load up on rbs early as they are becoming a very rare breed these days (full timers)

    1. If you would have spoken to me two years ago, I would have said the exact same thing and would dig deep for later round gems like Locker. Having a solid QB every week allows me to focus on RB, WR, and TE during the year and in the draft. You are more likely to get an AJ Green or Demaryius Thomas during the year than a top QB. Top QB's are don't come up too often during the season.