2014 Fantasy Football Draft Analysis

Jason Vinlove - USA Today Sports
I am already drafting in a ton of leagues and I figured I would breakdown one of my current drafts that is still ongoing. Many of my pro leagues give us 10 hours per pick and it's a slow draft. In this league there are 12 teams and we start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, DEF, K. I am drafting 6th overall in this particular draft.

Pick 1.06 - Eddie Lacy (RB, GB) I felt very fortunate to get Lacy with the sixth pick since someone selected Calvin Johnson in the first five picks. In Lacy's rookie year he had over 1,400+ yards total and 11 TDs and he is looking solid already in pre-season. If you get the chance to draft Lacy you won't be sorry.

Pick 2.07 - Giovanni Bernard (RB, CIN) Bernard is the man this year will Jeremy Hill running behind him. he had 1,200+ total yards and 8 TD's last year with BJGE running in the mix as well. Bernard has wonderful upside and will be hard pressed not to top last years numbers. I love going back to back RB's in the first two rounds and you should consider this strategy in your own personal drafts this year.

Pick 3.06 - Vincent Jackson (WR, TB) I am a sucker for veteran WR's as my core WR pickups. He consistently goes over 1,100 yards and 7-9 TD's a year. 2014 isn't the year he misses those numbers. Pick

4.07 - Larry Fitzgerald (WR, ARZ) Did I mention I am a sucker for veteran WR's as my core? Last couple years he has been under 1,000 yards, but the TD's he will get make up for his lack of yards. I wouldn't be happy with 900 yards and 8 TD's, but I am hoping this year he can break over 1,000 yards.

Pick 5.06 - Wes Welker (WR, DEN) I usually draft QB in the fifth but the QBs were not flying off the board so I gambled a bit here. I would recommend going after a QB in this round unless there are a ton of QBs on the board and you want to gamble. The other thing about this league is you have to start three WR's and I can't afford to wait another round and not get a solid veteran WR. With Wes Welker I now have three solid veteran WR's. Welker has a new helmet to keep concussions down and you can't argue with his TD totals. He will get over 1,000 yards and 8-10 TDs in 2014 with his new helmet.

Pick 6.07 - Tom Brady (QB, NE) Another veteran player that will not be throwing under 4,000 yards. It's hard to believe Tom will be under 30 TD's again this year and so I am hoping for a solid performance this year.

Pick 7.06 - Mike Wallace (WR, MIA) Having to start three WR's every week is a bit brutal and I have have a solid bench. He didn't have the TD's that I like but he is capable of putting up 800 to 900 yards with 8 TD's so I will take that as a bye week filler.

Pick 8.07 - Maurice Jones-Drew (RB, OAK) By the eighth round RB's are harder to come by but I needed a back-up RB for the bye-weeks. MJD has a new home in Oakland and I am hoping he can see some dump off catches from Schaub as we know he likes to throw to his RB.

Pick 9.06 - Zach Ertz (TE, PHI) I waited a long time to draft a TE in a league that you must start a TE. I wanted to go after a TE with tons of upside and Ertz is that type of player. Don't be fooled, Ertz is the starter and is on the field way more than Celek. I am gambling a bit here, but I am very high on Ertz in 2014. Pick

10.07 - DeAngelo Williams (RB, CAR) He is still the starting RB in Carolina and this is the 10th round so I can't argue with this pick. In 2013 Williams had 1,100+ total yards and 4 TDs.

Pick 11.06 - 49ers Defense, have to pick one up sometime and can't argue with this crew.

Pick 12.07 - Markus Wheaton (WR, PIT) He is now the #2 WR in Pitt and he will stay on the field. He has the breakout potential and I like it for my second WR on the bench.

Pick 13.06 - James Jones (WR, OAK) Having to start three WR's means I have to have a ton of options on the bench. Jones does look like the #1 target Schaub looks for on the field. Oakland didn't pay that much money not to utilize Jones. He is a gamble but I figure this late to shore up my bench is not a bad pickup. 

Pick 14.07 - Tyler Eifert (TE, CIN) Another TE that has upside with Marvin Jones hurt; he is more of a receiving TE and I am hoping to see 700 yards with 6 TDs in 2014.

Pick 15.06 - Sam Bradford (QB, StL) My preference is Carson Palmer this late in the draft but he was off the board so Sam Bradford is not bad at all. I am really hoping Bradford can finally break-out but time will tell.

Well that's where I am so far in this draft and you can see my pick by pick strategy. Are you looking for more draft day assistance? Check out Hatty Waiver Wire Guru Draft Guide