2014 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy DO NOT Draft List

Andrew Weber - USA Today
Here are a list of players I am NOT targeting in each round (assuming a 12 team league here):

Round 1: Demarco Murray (RB, DAL) I would worry about Dallas really relying on the run game this year, but if you can get Murray in the second round then he is solid there. Marshawn Lynch (RB, SEA) don't get me wrong he is a beast, but with my first round pick I would pass; if he fell to me in Round 2 then I would absolutely grab him.

Round 2: Reggie Bush (RB, DET) let's be honest, he slipped on the ice last year and missed a game, way too risky. Le'Veon Bell (RB, PIT) sharing time with LeGarrette Blount is real and a round 2 pick is too high for Bell this year. Arian Foster (RB, HOU) his back injury is real and you can't trust your starting RB with this much risk.

Round 3: Andre Johnson (WR, HOU) he has a terrible attitude and is willing to sit games if he is not happy; he is a true talent but carries too much risk. CJ Spiller (RB, BUF) he does have amazing upside so don't fault you if you take him, but he is too much of a boom or bust to draft in round 3. Randall Cobb (WR, GB) he is a solid receiver to grab in later rounds, but Green Bay gave Jordy an extension showing less confidence in Cobb, but Cobb will get his for sure.

Round 4: This is a pretty safe round actually and a ton of value can be found. Joique Bell (RB, DET) is going in round 4 and he is clearly a part of a RBBC and really shines when Bush gets hurt, but go with a safer RB here.

Round 5: Jeremy Maclin (WR, PHI) is someone who battles injury frequently and is already battling an injury in pre-season.

Round 6: Dennis Pitta (TE, BAL) and Vernon Davis (TE, SF) Pitta and Davis both carry injury concerns and Pitta's lifetime stats are just not incredible. I would rather take a flier on a TE with more upside.

Round 7: Eric Decker (WR, NYJ) the Jets are going to run the ball like crazy and the QB situation in NY right now is too shaky. Decker and Manning had a connection but without Manning Decker is not going to get it done.

Round 8: Any Defense, don't draft a Defense this early as this is a very deep position. Fred Jackson (RB, BUF) he is extremely boom or bust and has an injury history, take a gamble on another RB.

Round 9: Danny Woodhead (RB, SD) the new coach is not going to rely on Woodhead like he has been called upon in the past; he does have a chance to produce but look elsewhere. Chris Ivory (RB, NYJ) Chris Johnson actually doesn't get hurt too often so Ivory can be passed over. The other rounds are all about fliers, defense, shoring up your bench, leaving the last round for your kicker.

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