Hatty's Afternoon Delight

This will be a new daily installment from HattyWaiverWireGuru.com in which we outline some of the biggest stories to players coming in each day. The big focus will be on injury updates, player news and updates on anything that may impact our readers and their teams. So here we go with the first installment.

Smokin with Santonio

- Santonio Holmes - For those who haven't heard Holmes was busted for marijuana posession and early reports indicated that he would be okay for this week. Pittsburgh has deactivated Holmes for this Sunday's game. This is a setback for many owners who had hoped Holmes would break out some consistency but a suspension is looming. Try not to drop him completely until the official ruling comes down but if you need someone look for Nate Washington on you waiver wires.


- Willie Parker: After missing practice on Friday it appears that FWP is going to miss another game this week as he continues to try and recover from stepping in holes. This is a tough blow to Parker owners who didn't get the chance to handcuff Mewelde Moore but Moore is expected to start on Sunday once again.

Juicin the Duece

- Duece McAllister: I am not sure of anyone who knows the full impact of the report that was released but Duece has been indicated in some positive testing for steroids. If all holds true this could be a huge blow to the Saints who just lost Reggie Bush to injury. I would recommend for Duece or Bush owners to keep and eye on either Aaron Stecker or Pierre Thomas as the Saints look to them to be their primary backs.

"LJ slapping all of KC"

- Larry Johnson: Larry Johnson apparently is going through a violent streak and after slapping someone last week has now resorted to spitting in his attack on everyone in Kansas City and the Chiefs are planning to sit him this week as well. Way to think on your toes LJ, real dumb!

The Questions Marks

- Jeremy Shockey: Looked pretty horrible last week and with bad conditions expected in London expect Billy Miller to get more looks than Shockey this week.

- Steven Jackson: Returned to practice yesterday and looks to be good to play this week for the Rams but is officially listed as 50/50.

- Laverneus Coles: Coles had a mild concussion but expects to play this Sunday

- Plaxico: Practiced on friday and looks to be a god for Sunday. This is not definite yet but the full practice makes him look like he will be in the lineup Sunday.

- Chris Chambers: Did not finish 1 practice this week and not expected to play on Sunday. Malcolm Floyd has been the primary target in Chambers absence and would be a good bye week fille rif he is on your wire.

- Brian Westbrook: looks ot be a go this Sunday. All Westbrook owners can breath a sigh of relief.

- Kevin Curtis: Nothing definitive have been said but he is practicing and appears to be ready for Sunday as well.

We will be adding to this new piece each day and do our best to provide some last minute player news on the questionable calls on Sunday morning!

Author: JD Dowell

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