Week 8 Start em Sit Em Roundup

It is time once again for the weekend installment of Start Em and Sit Em at Hatty Waiver Wire Guru. Now there are some obvious sits this week based on injury, suspension or some other factor such as Santonio Holmes, Larry Johnson, Willie Parker and Carson Palmer (out for season) that you should not be starting. As with most of our articles and videos we try to focus on the mid-tier players and some top tiered guys who may cause owners hesitancy. Let's get down to it:

Jason Campbell: Campbell has been one of the best QB' in football but not so much from a fantasy perspective. He has certainly had some nice weeks against tough defenses which makes him a strong play this week going up against the Lions. The Lions cannot stop anyone and rank in the bottom 3 in both points allowed and pass yards per game. Expect Campbell to have a huge week!
Donovan McNabb: McNabb starting off this season and fire and quickly hit a wall with the struggles around Brian Westbrook. With WB back in the lineup and the Eagles fresh off a bye week expect them to get back to their early season ways. Kevin Curtis coming back gives their WR core a huge boost and Atlanta's secondary is nothing short of mediocre. We could even see the old McNabb come back to life with a rushing TD this week.
Running Backs
Thomas Jones: Jones has put together some nice games over the past few weeks and this week should continue as the Chiefs come to town with the worst Run defense in the league. The Jets O-Line has not been stellar but Jones has the ability to get points from the run or through the air. Expect Jones to put up a solid day with 2 Teeders and potentially more.
Chris Johnson/Lendal White: After last week Jeff Fisher showed there is plenty of fantasy points for everyone in the backfield in Tennessee. With Indianapolis struggling to stop the run and MNF always providing the big stage for young stars to emerge expect to get healthy doses of both White and Johnson. It may not be quite as amazing as last week but both should put up strong numbers. If you have to decide between the two, go with Chris Johnson.

Wide Receivers
Antwan Randle El: Shocked that Moss isn't here. With the Redskins facing the Lions and the fact that you should be starting Moss either way I recommend Randle El. The Lions will throw everything at Moss to try and control him leaving options like Randle El and Cooley free to run points up. I would not start Randle El over a stud but he is an awesome bye week filler this week!
Marques Colston: I am sure a lot of owners were left holding their hands to the sky asking what happened last week. Colston is the premier receiver and the option that Brees needs for a go to receiver. The Chargers also boast the worst pass defense in the league meaning that Colston is in line for a nice comeback game in London.
Tight Ends
Chris Cooley: Starting to notice a theme? The Lions are so bad at defense that any receiver on the Redskins is a strong play this week. Cooley has been consistent but not that Top3 TE that people were hoping to get on draft day. Cooley will have a nice game this week as the Lions consistently show the desire to push receivers to the sidelines leaving the middle of the field wide open for Cooley.
LJ Smith: Smith has been relatively quiet for owners this year but with Atlanta focusing on stopping Westbrook expect the play action to work in favor for LJ Smith owners. Especially in the red zone.
Olindo Mare: Simply put the Seahawks defense gives up more points than any team in the league and Mare is in line for some XP's this week. Add in a new coach and a mediocre offense in San Francisco expect them to move the ball but struggle in the red zone leaving lots of FG chances for Mare.
Shane Suisham: Redskins anyone? Whether it be by FG or XP Suisham should be in line for a lot of opportunities and a big day for fantasy owners.
Defense/Special Teams
Baltimore: The Ravens Defense is a no brainer each week but for those owners who keep 2 DST for match up purposes the Ravens are a great play this week going up against a struggling Oakland Offense.
Buffalo: Miami and Buffalo could turn out to be a 6-3 game. Both offenses are not that great and rely on the run making for a low scoring game with fumbles and special teams playing a key role.


Eli Manning: Between Plaxico playing difficult, the Giants offense not looking great outside of Brandon Jacobs and the Pittsburgh secondary ranking #1 in pass defense Eli is not a wise choice this week.
Kurt Warner: Arizona's offense is strong but the Panthers have the 2nd ranked pass defense in the league so expect Warner's numbers to slide.

Running Backs
McFadden/Fargas: This combination has been dreadful all year and going up against the Raves stellar run defense makes both of these players bad options this week.
Dominic Rhodes: The Indy offense is struggling and it is due to the run game not being consistent. This is not Rhodes fault but between them playing from behind most weeks and the Titans defense on the schedule this is not an ideal matchup for owners this week.

Wide Receivers
Steve Breaston: The Panthers Defense is strong and with Boldin coming back to the lineup this week Breaston is a risky play.
Roddy White: White was on one of the biggest hot streaks of his career before the Bye week. Coming back to face the Philly secondary added with the rust from a bye week makes you wonder if White can keep it going.

Tight Ends
Leonard Pope: For the same reason as Breaston Pope is not an ideal option this week. In addition to the tough matchup Pope has really done nothing all year regardless of the defense.
Heath Miller: We are big Heath fans here at Hatty Waiver Wire Guru but this week is not a smart play with the Giants Defense and primarily their LB core sure to keep Miller in check with Santonio Holmes out.

Adam Vinateiri: AV is just not the same kicker he once was and with Tennessee on the schedule there are likely better matchup options on your waiver wire than him.
John Carney: The Giants offense has struggled and now they have to get it moving agianst Pittsburgh. Not exactly the ideal situation for Carney.

Defense/ Special Teams
Chargers: The Chargers defense is not the same without Merriman and wont be all year. The Saints will move the ball in what could be a shootout if the weather plays nicely.
Colts: There are bigger problems in Indy but the Colts defense is on the field too much due to a sputtering offense. With Tennesse playing ball control with their run game expect the Indy D to be on the field a lot and likely to give up too many points.

If you have any last minute lineup choices shaking your head please feel free to email us and we can provide our analysis. Let's get some wins in Week 8 everyone! I want to hear that our readers went undefeated this week!
Author: JD Dowell

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