Player Spotlight: Steve Slaton

Steve Slaton has been a nice surprise this year for owners who took a chance on draft day in selecting the rookie back. A standout at West Virginia Slaton has exploded onto the scene as one of the best young backs in the league and been a nice bonus for fantasy owners. Going into Week 7, Slaton ranks among the league leaders in yards, yards per carry and touchdowns in addition to proving his ability to make plays out of the backfield as well. Slaton ranks 13th in rushing in the league this year and 9th in receiving for running backs all while only getting 14 rushing attempts per game and 3 pass attempts per game. The big key for fantasy players is the fact that he has 4 Teeders in 6 games this year for the Texans which proves he is one of their go to guys in the red zone.

Houston’s offense is ranked 5th in the league in total yards per game. Their play call selection is around 60/40 favoring the passing game a little more. Considering Slaton is the teams 4th leading receiver that fares well for fantasy owners also. The big question is the role of Ahman Green in Houston but for the fantasy advocates out there I think we all know it is a matter of time before Ahman goes down with a (insert any injury you wish here) and is out. Green also has the ability to make Slaton even better. A diverse RB group is the trend with pairs like White/Johnson (TN), Graham/Dunn (TB), Stewart/Williams (CAR) and Barber/Jones (DAL) making defenses unable to focus on 1 style of running which opens things up for speedy backs like Slaton to break for big gains.

Slaton is highly recommended to have on any dynasty or keeper style league. At worst, Ahman Green may make it through this season but his days are numbered and Slaton is the back of the future in Houston. With other players like Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson it appears as though Houston may finally be putting some winning pieces together and Slaton will be a premier back for years to come. If he happens to be on your waiver wire consider yourself the luckiest owner in all of fantasy football.

If you still aren't sure remember what he did against the Titans:

Author: Jeff Dowell
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