Sunday Morning Scramble

Well Week 12 is here and I hope everyone has worked the wire and touched base with one of us on staff here at Hatty Waiver Wire Guru to make sure the lineup you have set is best. For any last minute advice take a look at Hatty's video's for the week and email if you have any last mminute needs.

There are times where you also need to step back and enjoy some football outside of fantasy. Some great games on today including the Titans vs. Jets, Patriots vs. the Dolphins, Eagles vs. Ravens, Panthers vs. Falcons, Giants vs. Cardinals and the Colts vs. Chargers. Regardless of the outcome of your fantasy game, take a moment to sit back and just enjoy some of the great games on today.

Now down to business with regards to the Sunday Morning Scramble.

Probable (90%)
Clinton Portis
Brian Westbrook
Donald Driver
Darren McFadden
Tony Scheffler
Laverneus Coles (Not recommended)
Peyton Hillis

Questionable (50%)
Reggie Bush (limited if he plays at all)
Kellen Winslow

Out (Eating a IHOP right now)
Plaxico Burress
Lamont Jordan

The list is small this week as many teams injury reports are minimizing which is good new for fantasy owners. If there is someone you are tracking I did not include please let me know via email or a comment on the post this morning.

Good luck to everyone this week as I know this is a vital week in most leagues in regards to playoff positioning.

Author: JD Dowell


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