5 Rookies to Watch

In the spirit of the combine I wanted to give my thoughts on the top five rookies I am watching in no particular order...

1) RB C.J. Spiller from Clemson: If Spiller lands on a team where he can be the main candidate for carries we have a potential break-out RB.  I have the number one pick in an expert league rookie draft right now and I have Spiller at the top of my list; he is 6'0" 197 and is fast as lighting.  He has had a better college career than both Ray Rice and Chris Johnson; the last missing piece of the puzzle is landing on the right NFL team that will give him the ball.  He will be a top 15 pick in the draft and should be someone you target in your 2010 drafts no matter the format.

2) WR Golden Tate form Notre Dame: Potential first round pick in this years draft; he is a solid after the catch WR.  I would love to see him on a team that is dieing for a WR2 like the Falcons or Panthers and of course the Chiefs would be a great option with his familiarity of the Notre Dame offense.  He is more disciplined than Dez Bryant and could be a safer choice in your 2010 draft if he lands on the right team.

3) WR Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State: This guy defines NFL WR; 6'2", off the field antics, and built like some of the best WR's in the game.  He worries me as he hasn't played in live action for a while, but the bottom line is he has the talent and is gifted enough to be a force in the NFL.  Early sources say that he will end up on the Bucs which are in dire need of a WR.  Mark him down on your draft guide.

4) QB Sam Bradford from Oklahoma: Potential to be the first pick of the draft by the Rams and I can't think of a better spot for Bradford to be drafted and start during the season.  He is the most NFL ready QB in the draft and is a great dynasty league draft and stash player.  I don't think he will have a Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco type rookie year, but should still be a NFL starting QB with the potential to be a multi-year starter in the NFL.

5) RB Jahvid Best from California: 5'10", 199 lb. RB is the least likely to land a lead role in the NFL, but is fast as lighting.  He will make a great change of pace back, but I wouldn't consider him a top pick in fantasy drafts for 2010 unless he lands in a great situation for 2010.  Keep an eye on Best.

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