Offseason Movers and Shakers

So a lot has been going on over the past few weeks. Draft combines, free agency opening up and a whole bag of rumors to get everyone's blood flowing. One of the things I love about the NFL is that there really is no off season especially when you invest a lot in your dynasty leagues. I know Hatty has been on the pulse of everything as of late but I wanted to highlight a few of the off-season high points and provide a different take on it.

CJ Spiller: he is the buzz at this years combine and rightfully so. Being in ACC country his ability often got downplayed due to a weaker conference compared to that of the SEC or the Big's. Spiller is crazy fast and has the ability to change direction and has great hands for a back. Everyone compares him to Chris Johnson because of the speed factor but I think he is more durable and has the ability to go between the tackles when needed as well. I would throw Spiller out as the #1 target for any fantasy draft unless you are already stacked at the RB position. His stock will continue to rise and he will end up on a team where he can be an impact player very early.

Antonio Bryant: Everyone's buzz is around Anquan Boldin going to Baltimore but I think the more intriguing pickup was Bryant who didn't get quite as much buzz. Bryant had a monster 2009 campaign on a mediocre to terrible Bucs squad. He had some knee issues and when the Bucs season quickly went down the tubes he played it safe so he could get his payday. Make no mistakes, he wants to be considered an elite WR in the league and lining up opposite of Ocho Cinco he will have the ability to be the deep threat that the Bengals need. With the much improved O-Line and overall running game in Cincy, expect Bryant to be a big time target for Carson Palmer and the Bengals offense to rivals the run and gun show of years past.

Rumor on LJ: Buzz in the DC area is that LJ is being courted by the Redskins. This would make his as well as Clinton Portis value go way down. Allen and Shanahan are obviously going for an all geriatric backfield if this turns into reality. Keep in mind that Shanahan is very big on keeping 23 RB's as was evident in his final years in Denver where at one point in 2009 I believe they were on their 7th RB of the season. Until Washington addresses their dreadful O-Line woes I don't think AP, Chris Johnson and sleeping gas in the opposing teams oxygen tanks could really help their running situation. If you have either of them, look to move them as soon as possible.

Eagles QB Position: I have heard a lot of rumors around Kolb/McNabb including McNabb potentially going to the Niners and Kolb potentially going to the Seahawks. All that is certain is they are keeping Michael Vick which just makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes there. I think it is obvious that Kolb is the future and if the Eagles can find a way to move McNabb they will. If you don't have Kolb for some reason, you should.

LT: I think the Chargers made a great move letting LT go and I don't think it matters where he winds up, he will be nothing more than a 3rd down back and his dynasty value is gone. The jets and the Vikings are a great fit for him to potentially win a title but the glory days of LT dropping 30+ in a fantasy weekend are long gone.

Thomas Jones and the Chiefs: Again, this could go either way but seems to be a weird move for KC who had obviously put Jamaal Charles in the drivers seat for their RB position. Maybe this is insurance or a desire to get some veterans around a bunch of young talent in KC but either way it doesn't do much for Jones value.

These seem to be some of the biggest stories. Some have already been covered by Hatty so I didn't want to bore our readers to death. Some things to keep tabs on:
- What do the Steelers do about Big Ben?
- Where does TO wind up?
- Do any other big names move in the free agency?
- Don't just focus on position players in what you look for, Big time O-Linemen can be just as important in your fantasy analysis. Position players can't put up numbers without a great O-Line.

Author: JD Dowell

Feel Free to shoot me an email with any questions as it pertains to the off season and how to ensure you are optimizing your potential for the 2010 season.

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