2013 Fantasy Football Question and Answer

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I had an interesting question and answer over email the other day with a reader.  I asked permission to post the Q&A session and there are some comments/responses that I think any fantasy football drafter would be interested to read.


l.    When will your next player rankings be released?  (Really looking forward to them!)

I update the draft guide rankings in real-time, so sometimes it's moving one player based on recent news, or it's complete reorder if I feel that my mock drafts are producing the kind of teams I want.  

2.   Are you really going to draft Trent Richardson as your #4 RB, ahead of Ray Rice and the other RBs below him? 

If I drafted tonight I would totally draft Richardson #4 and here is why.  Look what he did in his rookie year combined yards and TDs.  He has no one stealing any carries and as long as he is healthy to play all games; he is going to carry the ball a ton.  It's a gamble and players like Rice are more reliable, but Rice has the hardest schedule this year and will be losing carries, so he is in more of a RBBC.  The only four other RB's that are very close to Richardson that would make me think are Doug Martin, Jamaal Charles,  LeSean McCoy, and CJ Spiller.  Call me crazy, but all those four players have RB's behind them that are going to steal carries away.  Richardson is a true workhorse.  Wow, there you have it.

3.   Are you as committed to Kyle Rudolph as you seem to be?  (I like Rudolph--he adequately filled-in for Aaron Hernandez for me last season; BUT what about the steady improvement of Dennis Pitta--with a Super Bowl win behind him?)  

You know what makes me believe, he gets in the endzone and did you see him play in the Pro Bowl.  Must say that's pretty solid stuff there.

4.   Do still favor the older Steven Jackson over Matt Forte?  I'd like to select Jackson, but wonder how he will fit in with Atlanta .   (I had Matt Ryan last year, and I believe the Falcons should have been the Super Bowl winners, instead of the Ravens--and this, despite the fact  I also had Joe Flacco all season as my flex player!)

Yes, Jackson isn't going to lose too many goal line carries and can catch the ball too.  Forte is losing all his red-zone opps to Bush.

5.  Do you still believe Matt Ryan as the 5th best QB?  (I'd like to think so, and draft him accordingly.)

He is a beast and has all the weapons. 

5.   Why do you think Matt Schaub has been downgraded so much among the better QBs?

He doesn't light up the end-zone.  He is middle of the pack though and can be used as a solid back-up.

6.    I hope you feel as strongly about Det WR Ryan Broyles as a very promising sleeper pick-up to take a little heat off Calvin Johnson.  If Broyles can hang onto the ball, he should have a great opportunity to shine.  I've been selecting him as my 4WR in the mock drafts, and no one but me seems interested in him…Just the way I like it…(LOL)…

I feel awesome about Broyles and try to get him on all my teams.

I should turn this Q&A into an article on the site... what do you think?

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